What is Nanotechnology with Full Information

What is Nanotechnology with Full Information
There are Around 25,400,000 Nanometers in 1 inch.

Today's time is technology time! That is, every hour and every moment something new happens and some new technology keeps coming.

Now you must know about the Nano car. Its specialty was that it was small in size. This is how nanotechnology is like this.

And very small particles are used in nanotechnology. And this technology is so effective that it will be used everywhere in the future.

Nanotechnology will be used exclusively in this fields.

° Chemistry

° Biology

° Physics

° Material Science

° Engineering etc.

In such a situation, you should also know all the special things related to nanotechnology.

That is why we are going to tell you all the special things related to nanotechnology.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nano is a Greek word which meaning is shortest. 

Nanotechnology is a substance related to nano. Which is made up of very small element size.

In this way, how is nanotechnology technology applied science which, 

Which works on nanometers smaller than 100 nanometers.

In nuclear technology, there is a study to control all these things.

° Nuclear Technology,

° Atomic

° Supramolecular Scale

What Can Nanotechnology Do?

Even today, more and more emphasis is being placed on the use of nanotechnology. But nanoscience and nanotechnology is not a new term.

It has been used in computer chips for the last 20 years.  Nanotechnology works on small size particles. But its power is very high.

Because with its help, energy conduction efficiency can be increased.

With this help the environment can be kept clean and Many serious diseases can be cured.

A special feature of the product made from nanotechnology will be that it will be small in size. Will be light in weight. And will be comparatively cheap in price.

Apart from this, Row Material will also take less to make these products. And their energy requirements are also reduced.

With the help of this technology, all these fields will grow well.

° Bioscience

° Medical science

° Electronic etc.

Where did the idea of Nanotechnology Come From?

So the idea of ​​nanotechnology came from those lecture by physicist Richard Feynman.  When he said this in a meeting.


There's Plenty Of Room At The Bottom

And on December 29, 1959, said at the California Institute of Technology, nanotechnology became the basis.

And a decade later, Professor Norio Tamguchi  used the word nanotechnology in their project.

And when nano microscopes were invented in 1981.  Since then research on nanotechnology has been going on.

And today increasingly efforts are being made to use nanotechnology.

Nano means very small, but how can we understand it.

1Nanometer=1Billionth ,

And there are 25,400,000 nanometers in 1 inch.

A sheat in a newspaper is about 100000 nanometers.

Benefit of  Nanotechnology?

With the help of nanotechnology, such a medicine can be made.

Who can identify cancer cells from countless cells in their body and can treat them properly.

With the help of this technology, any fundamental molecular assembly can be easily understood.

 And it can probably be made as short as our hair. Apart from this, its processing capacity can also be improved.

Compost can be made with the help of nanotechnology. And by doing this crop production can be increased rapidly.

With the help of nanotechnology, toxic fumes coming out of industrial areas and vehicles can be converted into harmless gas. By doing this, air pollution can be reduced.

And not only this, nanotechnology will also be used to make bulbs in the coming time. Which will reduce power consumption and get more light.

So we can say that the coming time will be of nanotechnology and nanotechnology will be used in every field.

How to make a career in the field of nanotechnology?

These are all amazing films in which you can make a better career in nanotechnology.

° Nanoscience

° Medical Science

° Environment Science

° Electronics

° Cosmetics

° Security

° Fabric

° Agriculture

° Defence Education

And if you do a course related to all these fields, then you can get a better job option.

You can do all these courses in nanotechnology.

° BE (Bachelor of Engineering)


° B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)


° M.Tech (Master Of Engineering)


° M.Sc (Master Science)      


If you want to graduate in one of the nanotechnology programs. So for this you need to pass (10 + 2) two Physics, Chemistry and  Math.

For this, you also have to clear the entrance exam.

And together to do M.Sc. in Nanotechnology, then you should have a B.Sc. degree with this Chemistry and Mathematics subject.

If you want to do M.Tech in Nanotechnology, then for this you must have B.Tech Complete in one of the subjects of Biotechnology Electronics and Computer, Material Science from Mechanical Biomedical Chemical.

You can also do a PHD in nanotechnology after post graduation.

It is one of the few institutes in India to get degrees related to nanotechnology.

° Delhi University

° Pune University

° IIT-Roorkee, Mumbai, Guwahati 

    and  Kanpur

° Jawaharlal Nehru centre for 

   Advanced science research,  


° Amity University, Gurgaon.

° University of Technology Jaipur.

° BITS, Hyderabad. 


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