What is an Open Source Software with Full Information

What is an Open Source Software with Full Information
NRCFOSS is an Indian Organization that is Designed to increase open source Software Technology

With the help of different software we can do whatever work we do in computer and phone. It is written and developed by software programs. 

If you are a computer student or have done any course in computers then you must have heard the name of

(Open Source).

But what if you do not know the important term associated with this computer field. So in this article you are going to get complete information about open source software.

What is Open Source Software? 

When a developer builds a software from his technical knowledge, So the source code written to make that software. 

With the license of that source code, all human beings have the right to Read and make it Improve. And that software is called open source software.

Open source software is software that is built with source code, Which can be read and modified by the user. And its source code is freely available on the Internet.

The category of open source software includes software whose source code is available for everyone on the Internet.

Software Developer Group in general, Also known as the developer community. Here everyone works together.

NRCFOSS (National Research Center For Free/Open Source Software)  This is an Indian organization that is designed to increase open source software technology.

If you use this smartphone this computer, So when you have to download a software, you will search in google or (play store/ App store) and find a lot of free software from it from there.

All this software is created by open source software only. And now you might be thinking how a person can change in an open source software While the person who creates that software is someone else.

Coding is needed to create any software and coding is two types.

° Source Code

° Object Code

As long as I write programs in a programming language such as C, C++,  Java. So the program is not of 5 or 10 lines, rather it becomes very much of the world and pages.

And that group we call program instructions in computer language.

Which is like code and we call this code as source code.

But computers are not able to understand this source code as it is only for human readable format. Which only you and you can understand.

The computer can understand the source code written by us. Computers are used for this. Which converts the source code into object code.

The computer only understands

 (0 and 1) binary digits. And this is called Object or  Machine Code.

This object code is 0 and a sequence of 1 bytes like.

° 01101

° 00010 etc.

We cannot understand these sequences but the computer understands it easily.

Then the command runs the score and then the software is created.

So when we have available the source code of a software, then we can optimize things in our own way and keep only the things we need.

Either after making some changes in the software, you can also sell it for free or for money. There is no restriction on all these works.

It is not that all the apps you get on the internet are free. There is some software that you have to pay to use.

The software we buy by paying is closed software.Also known as proprietary software. The source code of this software is available with the software itself.

That is why not everyone can change this source code. The person who bought this application can change this source code.

And the source code of these software is very safe. 

Close the source is a simple example of software.

° Windows Operating System

° IOS Operating System

What is the Difference between Open Source Software and Closed Source Software.

Open source software is better than closed  source software. Because in this we can improve it by using source code and modify it accordingly. 

While this is not possible in close the source software. That's why open source software is mostly used by new developers To test the court written by them. And practice code development.

All this software comes in open source software.

° Linux

° Symbian


° Apache

° Joomla

Programming Languages

° PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

° Phyton

Web browser

° Mozilla Firefox

° Google Chrome.

The biggest and popular example of open source software is Android.

Which is used by millions of people today.

Android is an open source software created by Google. Which anyone can use. And it can also distribute with others by updating new features in it.

Do you want to become a developer.A Andyou need open source software.

From where you can start the work of making software. So some websites exist for them as well.

This is the website from which you can find out the source code.

° www.sourceforge.com

° www.opensource.org

What are the benefits of open source software?

Free of cost is made available to all the software launched under open source software. The source codes of these software are also provided for free.

One estimate has also revealed that open source software is available for free. Every year people save 

60Billions of dollars.

The quality of open source software is even better than commercial software. Because different developers develop it collectively according to their needs.

That is why every type of user is taken care of. Also, minor shortcomings in it are corrected in time. This is why the quality of software is very good.

Open source is also more secure with better quality. These are also updated from time to time. And these bugs and errors are also repaired. This makes the software completely secure.

Many developers use open source because they can build better programs than this. In this, children learning programming can also easily develop programs and enhance the skin in their programs.

You will get the source code easily from other platforms to modify the source code to edit it. This platform is most famous for open source software.

° GitHub.com

Where you will easily find the source code of popular software.



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