What is Virtual Memory With Full Information

What is Virtual Memory With Full Information
With the help of virtual memory we can double our RAM

Have you heard much about memory in Technical terms, Should be good only then your system and electronic device works well.

So in this article today we will talk about virtual memory in this way.

Which is mentioned around and you will be aware of it. But today we have brought complete information about it in this article.

Computers are all used nowadays and computers have memory RAM and ROM, You would also know about it.

Apart from these, virtual memory is also needed as much as RAM and ROM.

Today we are going to give information about virtual memory in detail. Read this article completely; Then you will know everything about virtual memory.

What is Virtual Memory

To use multiprocessing in computers, it is very important to have RAM in them. Multiprocessing means running multiple programs and applications simultaneously.

Like:- Using Web Browsers, Excel, World Press, Photoshop etc at the same time.

To run various applications in any computer or laptop, Ram only performs this task.

We will open as many different applications in our system. Ram's space is often filled to run these applications.

And sometimes such a situation comes that because of running these applications, Ram's space is completely filled.

After that no application or software is run in computers and laptops. So in such situations computers and laptops use their virtual memory.

Virtual memory taking up the space of a computer's hard disk, Used for the alternative task of RAM.

That is, virtual memory provides a separate RAM to the computer. Which is completely different from physical Ram.

This is different because physical RAM is in the form of a chip in a computer which is a hardware.

And virtual memory is a software.

So the function of virtual memory is that if there is less RAM space in the system. So by using virtual memory to overcome its lack of Ram.

RAM size is limited in every computer system. When we open many applications and files on the computer, the RAM space is full.

This is why the speed of the system slows down.

At that time, virtual memory sends RAM data to the hard disk. Due to which the space starts to get empty and it is able to perform the task better.

How does Virtual Memory Work?

Whenever the RAM space of the computer starts to become full.

So the operating system of the computer starts investigating these files and applications. Which we keep open in our system.

And whatever applications and files are used to minimize. That is, on which the user is not working,But keeps open in below. 

So the system saves all the applications and files in the Ram's storage with the paging system in virtual memory.

When data is transferred from physical memory to virtual memory.

Then OS divides the program of all the files to Pages. Also adds its address with each page file as well.

So the computer sees the device to those arrangements of the RAM to transfer data. Which has not been used recently. And copies them to the hard disk's virtual memory.

Every page file is gathered on the hard disk. This makes our Ram's space empty.

And currently the application that the user keeps working on it runs smoothly. And it is because of this that new applications are able to load smoothly.

So when we open the applications that we have kept minimized. At the time, the file was transferred to the hard disk of virtual memory.

Then OS copies the address of that file and sends it back to Ram from the previous file.

Because of which we can easily work on those files and applications.

The OS does not  transfer files from hard disk to RAM, Until they are needed.

With the help of this process, the size of RAM in the computer is increased.

Because of this when running more than one program on the computer. One can get rid of Ram's troubles.

Virtual memory is not the physical memory of a computer. Rather, it is a technique that permits the execution of large programs. Which cannot be completely stored in primary memory.

Virtual memory is a part of the operating system. Which helps in performing the function of Ram.

And all these applications which you were not able to access earlier.

You will be able to access them easily through this memory.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory was created at a time when RAM was very expensive.

And due to the limited amount of RAM in the computer, their memory used to be full. Especially when we ran multiple programs at same time.

With the help of virtual memory we can double our RAM.

With which the speed of the computer increases more than before. And its biggest advantage is that programs can write big code to build programs.

Because virtual memory is much larger than physical memory.

So now you will be able to run large-sized applications in your computer very easily.

Because of this region, virtual memory is very good for those people, Who don't want to upgrade their computer system. 

That is,  do not want to buy a new and bigger size Ram. But want to work fast on your computer. 

By the way, the other advantage is That by opening more than one application at a time, it  can be worked on very easily.

But there is also a Disadvantages of Virtual Memory.

By keeping the application's more pagefiles on the hard disk. So the process of getting those files slows down.

Because in comparison to access data from main memory. It takes longer to access data from a hard disk.

That is why it takes a little bit of time to run multiple applications. Virtual memory primarily for the user, This is a technique to expand Ram's capacity. Virtual memory can be used in all large operating systems.


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