What is IOS Operating System with Full Information

What is IOS Operating Software with full information
IOS the second largest operating system worldwide. Ayo uses a multi-touch interface

You all must have seen Apple's smartphone called iPhone, Which is great in appearance.

And is also very expensive. Many people want to buy this phone.

But due to lack of affordable prices, common people are unable to buy it.

But do you know why Apple's iPhone attracts people?

Many people have this perception because if its price is very expensive then it will have something unique in it, And in this we can also do everything that we cannot do in the other platform.

So some people have the impression that if they buy the iPhone then they will have a different identity among the people.

But friends, all these things are not what makes the iPhone different from other platform phones.

The real reason for this is its operating system, On which this device runs.

The iPhone runs on IOS which is completely different from Android and Windows.

IOS is the platform on which all Apple products such as the iPhone iPad, ipod and runs.

So that's why we are going to tell you about IOS in  this article and from this article you will get complete information about what has come.

What is IOS software?

IOS is an operating system created by Apple Incorporated, Which runs on all Apple's mobile devices.

IOS the second largest operating system worldwide. Ayo uses a multi-touch interface.

In which mobile is used with the help of simple gestures, Simple gestures like swiping your finger on the mobile screen. 

Which can be done easily by going to the next page. And pinching with your fingers to zoom this screen. You can do all this work freely in IOS.

IOS makes your device's sensor very strong.  Which makes your work easy by detecting your fingers immediately.

The IOS controls the entire hardware function of the iPhone, Together, it handles all software functions.

This means that the IOS gives its users a complete experience.

Where software is cleverly combined with hardware.

Which gives the user better performance than the hardware of the iPhone. Apple's apps store has over 2 million iOS applications to install. And it is the best app store of all mobile devices.

What is the history of IOS?

It was 2005 when Steve Jobs planned to make an iPhone.

So they had two options first is MSc,

That means to make the Mac smaller.

Which is the Macintosh desktop of the Apple company, And the second was to enlarge the iPod.

He met with Apple and the iPod-making team to solve the problem. Then after that they decided to make IOS for the iPhone.

Then in January 2007 a new iOS software with an iPhone was launched.

At the time of the release of the iPhone, the software was named iPhone OS.

Initially third-party software was not allowed to run in the iPhone's software.

Steve Job thought developers could develop Safari business and apps.

So that iPhone depends on web apps.

That is, he will behave like a native app.

Announced in October 2007 to the iPhone that a SDK software kit is under development for further.

And the software was planned to be handed over to developers by February.

The iPhone SDK was ready on 6 March 2008. On July 10, 2008, Apple's app store opened. In which initially only 500 applications were present.

But from September 2008 to 2017, the number of apps in it had grown to 2.2 million.

These apps were collectively downloaded over 130 billion times. Which is a big deal.

In September 2007, Apple announced the iPod.

Then in January 2010, the iPad was announced. Which had an increased screen compared to iPhone and iPod.

Which was designed for web browsing media consumption and reading.

In June 2010, Apple changed the name of the iPhone OS into  IOS.

Earlier Apple Watch OS did not handle more programs.

That is why they had to make a new operating system iOS. And this software is the main software of the present. Which runs on all models of iPhone.

And the same software works on Apple's Smart Watch. Whenever Apple changes its software, it is called a software update.

Apple keeps bringing new versions of iOS every year. Currently the latest version of IOS is IOS 12 ,Which was released in September 2018.

Performance and speed have been given more importance in this new version. The main hardware platform for IOS is the hardware platform ARM architecture.

Earlier IOS software could run on 32 bit only. But in 2013, the iPhone can now be run at full 64-bit Processor.

Apple's iPhone 12 will be available on all platforms on which 64-bit is performing.

One special thing about Apple is that whenever an update is made in its software, it is immediately updated in all phones.

While other mobile operating systems have to wait for a long time even after the update arrives.

How is IOS different from other operating systems?

IOS is completely different from other operating systems. Because it keeps all the apps inside its Protective shell.

So that you stay away from each other and do not interfere in each other's work.

IOS is designed in such a way that if a virus enters the mobile due to you, then it cannot reach other apps.

When no such feature is found in other mobile devices. Protective practices in IOS are surrounded by apps. Therefore, because of them there are drawbacks in many apps.

Because one app cannot communicate directly to other apps, Like we see in Android OS devices.

Like if we share a link in WhatsApp, another person can open the link directly from the browser by clicking on that link. But in IOS there is no such system in the iPhone because here you are not connected to each other.

But Apple's phone uses a different feature to communicate one application to another.

Which is called extensibility.

This Feature asks for the approval of the user to communicate one app with another. It is impossible to communicate one app with another without approval.

One of the main differences between iOS and Android is that people like it a lot.

In Android, you get the choice to use Android with other company's mobiles. In which Android operating system is loaded like.

° Samsung

° LG


° Xiaomi

° Micromax

° Honor

° Realme etc.

While the IOS is the uniform platform.

Which can only run on products made by Apple.



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