What is Hyperloop Technology With Full In Full Information

What is Hyperloop  Technology With Full In Full Information

This idea of ​​Hyperloop is about 200 years old

In today's super fast life, the value of time has increased, How many new vehicles are coming to save the time due to traffic jam.

That is why we have been able to travel from bullock cart to bullet train and maglev train.

Hyperloop is the name of preparation to go even further! This hyperloop technology is very new and quite exciting.

After this information, you will start thinking about how we will be able to sit in the future which will also beat the speed of bullet trains.

And his structure and his journey will also be very exciting.

What Is Hyperloop Technology?

Hyperloop is a technology that removes two major problems in the vehicle, which makes the speed of the vehicle very slow.

° Friction

° Air Resistance

So by eliminating the problem of air resistance in this technology, we can achieve very high speed. And Hyperloop works on these principles.

Now let's understand how a hyperloop looks like?

The hyperloop consists of a long vacuum tube And compartments like capsules. And these capsules are called Pods.

The pod runs at high speed in the vacuum tube. And these tubes are loops.  Because in this technology, the journey takes place in loops.

Why this technology is named Hyperloop.

Imagine that you are sitting in a long tube and traveling at super fast speed. It is really very exciting to think.

Because till now you have seen the formula of making vacuum in the science lab itself.

You must have understood the meaning of vacuum or it is such a situation in which there is no air at all, it is called a vacuum.

And the special thing about this technology is that the pode in which you travel while sitting will have very little air in that tube.

The entire air in this vacuum tube is not removed. Rather, some air remains in this tube.

Due to less air, the friction is reduced and energy also consumes less.

How does a Hyperloop, called 5th mode of transportation, work?

A very long tube is used so that you can travel from one place to another. And this tube rests on the pillars.

And small pods in these tubes travel individually. And by sitting in these pods, you can reach from one place to another. Like we travel by sitting in a bus or train or plane.

Two types of technology are used in Hyperloop.

° Magnetic levitation (maglev)

° Air Pressure

Because of this, there is no friction between the Pod and the tube and it catches so much speed that it even overtakes the maglev train.

And you will be shocked to hear that the speed in this Hyperloop technology goes to 760 MPH ie Miles per hour. And this speed is equal to 12 kilometers per hour. And sound  travels sound at speed.

This means that this hyperloop technology, which achieves the speed of sound, has the power to achieve record breaking speed.

And the special thing is that the pods running in the vacuum tube have two forces.

° Magnetic force

° Air force

Who not only lift the pod in the air and also run them forward.

You can also understand hyperloop in the way that maglev train runs on its track with the help of magnets

Which reduces friction between the train and the track. Due to which it speed increases very much.

And Hyperloop is one such advanced maglev train that will run in a vacuum tube.

But now the question is, who got us interviewed with Hyperloop Technology?

Who is that innovative man whose mind got this amazing idea.

So this idea of ​​hyperloop is about 200 years old.

Because in 1799 the British inventor George Medhurst built a prototype of his public transportation. He had a properly patented air propulsion.

And so many years later in 2013, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, tried to convert this prototype into reality.

And his idea and design got a very good response. Elon Musk says that Hyperloop Pods will be faster than trains.

Will be faster than a car and less polluting the Nature than an aircraft.

This Elon Musk idea, Hyperloop, is an open source challenge.

This means that everyone has the right to create hyperloop technology. Everyone can work on this project by creating their own team.

And because of this, the work of Hyperloop is very progressive worldwide and it will come to the market as soon as possible.

Due to Elon Musk's saying, many big companies have started making hyperloops and here they are!

° Version Hyperloop One

° Hyperloop Transportation Technology HTT

° Transport


The fundamental idea of ​​creating a hyperloop will remain the Same for these companies.

But there will be some difference in the technology that makes it. So very soon many hyperloops will be in front of us.

And Version Hyperloop Company claims to bring Hyperloop to market by 2021.

After knowing so much interesting information about hyperloop, now you must be thinking that when will we get to see hyperloop!.

And where in the world is Hyperloop service going to start?

So the answer is that even now the basic idea of ​​Hyperloop was revealed many years ago. But work on this technology is still going on.

And it is believed that in 2021, Hyperloop will be revealed.

Currently, many of the hyperloop routes have been decide, of which it is some Routes.

° New York To Washington DC

° Pune To Mumbai

° Kansas City To ST. Louis

° Bratislava To Bruno

° Vijayawada To Amaravathi

After knowing from the Root of the hyperloop, now we know

What will be the benefit of the hyperloop?

The Hyperloop train is also much faster than the Fastest train and we can cover the hourly journey in minutes with the help of Hyperloop.

After sitting in this, you will  reach your destination directly. Because it will not stop at any station like Ordinary Trance.

It will also have no time table and schedule, Rather, when you are ready, you will sit in the pod and reach your destination.

It may look very expansive technology, But its cost will be much less than the rest of the expansive and superfast train.

And if the cost is less, then the ticket of its train will also be very less than the bullet train.

This train will have low power consumption, This hyperloop will also be safe in earthquake and bed weather conditions.

And this technology is eco friendly. This will neither cause noise pollution nor waste material productce.

So after knowing the Exciting Benefit of this technology, it is very important to know its side effects as well.

Due to very little space in the capsule, it would be very difficult to move.

Its speed will be so fast that your head can also become dizzy.

And it can also happen that many trees will have to be cut for implementation of this technology.

And if that happens, it would be very harmful for the environment.

So now you have come to know many disabilities along with the benefits of hyperloop.

But right now, there are a lot of Challenges in front of this technology to get into reality. Such as expansive infrastructure.

Expansion issue means the problem of shrinking and spreading of the tube when the atomosphere changes.

And traveling in a less vacuum is also a challenge.

Hyperloop will be considered safe for passengers only after all the problems related to hyperloop are resolved.

How will you feel after sitting on the board of Hyperloop?

After sitting on the hyperloop, you will feel like you are sitting in a passenger plane or an elevator.

But your excitement level will definitely be very high, Because you will be able to travel faster than the aeroplane while on the ground.

However, right now it will take time to develop the hyperloop technology and make it a secure.

But after that you will be able to enjoy Imagination in the real world.

So now it is to be seen that when it takes 3 hours to travel from Mumbai to Pune, when will it be converted in 25 seconds!

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