What is Database with Full Information

What is Database with Full Information
Database is a collection of related data or information that is stored in a Computer System

Today's era is the era of digital things. Our country is becoming a Digital India under the leadership of our Prime Minister.

What I mean by digital is that whatever we do every day and that is done with the help of a mobile phone and laptop or Computer like:-

° Message

° E-mail

° Newspaper

° Books

° Novel

° Shopping

° Ticket Reservation

Earlier all this work was done in paper work,  Because of which we had to keep countless applications and files in our home and office desk.

Documents were arranged in order that they could be found when needed. But now it has been gone that we used to do paper work.

But now we use computers instead of them. Now we keep the document in the internet and not in the table cupboard.

All these data are also kept in the computer as serial wise. And this is what we call database.

If you have read the computer a little bit, then you must have heard the name of the data base. And in this database, data is kept correctly and securely.

If you don't know anything about the database now, don't worry. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about what is a database.

What is database?

The database is a museum of information where the information is kept in an order form.

Database is a collection of related data or information that is stored in a computer system.

Data is a small part of any information. It is associated with a person's object and location like:-


° Name 

° Age 

° Height

° Weight

° Mobile Number

° Address

This is all some data Related to a Person. Data can vary and be of many types like:- 

° Text Data

° Numeric Data

° Alphanumeric Data

° Image Data

° File Data 

° Graph Data etc

When all these data is organized together then it becomes information.

And a database is formed from a set of information.

The data in the database is organized and kept correctly.

And when necessary, the access, manager is updated.

At the same time, it also manages data, sharing and its security.

Some software is used to store information such as MS Excel.

After inputting all the data in it, it is stored on the Hard Disk.

A table is used to store data in MS Excel. Which we divide into many different Columns and Rows.

So that we can easily keep the data in it and when the time comes we can easily get it and change it.

Similarly, data is stored in a table in the database as well. And there are many Columns and Rows too.

Because of which it becomes very easy to access them. And many such Rows and Columns can  inside a Data.

There are many websites on the Internet that use databases.

Take Facebook as an example. In this, the name of the person has been Message, Friends, status, everything is stored in the Server Data .

If we go to Facebook and search for any person, then we get all the data about it from its server on Facebook.

Similarly, there are many Government and personal websites that use databases.

Today's online transaction online ticket is huge database used in online things. Under this, all information is stored in the database.

And it can be accessed anytime according to time. Just like you can access your bank account from anywhere, from mobile and laptop and get all its information.

What are the main elements of a database?

There are three main elements of any database.

° Field

° Record

° Table

Table Database

This is a data table that you can guess by loowking at Image a datatable looks like.

What is Database with Full Information

Field Database

The columns of any database are called fields.

Like the serial number class name subject marks in the image above, all of them are called fields.

Record Database

We call the record of any table Rows.

Like (1234..) in serial number in student table and the rows of that Table is filed with the record of class coloum marks.

A computer table consists of a table record or Field. In this, many different data are interconnected with each other. 

What is database management system (DBMS)

So the database management system, which we also call DBMS, is a kind of software. Through which user create, contain,  and define.

These are all examples of DBMS.

° My SQL

° Microsoft Office Access


° Visual Foxpro 


DBMS is commonly used to maintain and create databases. That is, you can Insert, Rewrite, Update , Access or Delete the data in the database.

For example, you have created a student's database table and you have to add student's data to it.

So you can add it through Insert.

If you have inadvertently given incorrect data, then you will have to correct it in the edit in student details.

If you find out after a few days that the data of a student is completely wrong, then you will have to delete it.

And if you want to access the name and address of a student by his roll number, then you can do that too.

Which is called access.

If the data already exists and you are making changes, then it is called update.

So all this work is done by the DBMS database management system.

How many types of databases are there?

The data module shows how the data in the database is organized and updated. This also shows how the data remains connected to each other. And how is the relationship between them.

There are three types of data models.

° Hierarchical Model

° Network Model

° Relational Model

What is Hierarchical model?

In such a database, the data structure is shown as a Tree like.

In this, the tree structure is followed to connect the records to each other.

In this, the relationship is shown as child to parent. For example, if a college has  many professors and too many students, then it became a college "parent" and the professor student is its "child".

What Is Network Model

In this data structure, data is represented as a record. And the relationship between the data is represented on the link.

This model is quite powerful but is very less plated. Because it contains a lot of notes and table links.

What Is Relational Model?

This model is powerful and simple.

The structure of this model is similar to that of a table. 

The table is called relation in the language of the database. That is why its name is also a relational model.

In this table, Unfield is called a key. And through this keys , the data of the table is connected to each other.

For example, in a student table, roll number is a primary key. It is very easy to find data in it.

What Is The Benefit Of Database

1)More data can be stored in less space through the database.

2) Any information can easily be done frequently.

3) It is easy to edit and delete old data by shortening these new data.

4) Data can be Sort in different ways.

5) Multiple users can access the same database simultaneously.

6) It provides more security than a paper file. Because no one can access the database without permission here.

7) Hey reduces Redundancy, There is a lot of duplication of data of the same kind, we call data Redundancy.

That is, the data that is given more than once is removed from the database. 

8) Provides facilities like backup and recovery. Problems such as database failures can occur anytime.

At such a time, if the data is not recovered then a huge loss can occur. Therefore DBMS software provides backup and recovery facilities.

Where Are The Databases Used?

The database is now used in every field. Or can it also say that the internet is nothing without a database.

Databases are very much used in these fields.

° Banking

° Railway Reservation System

° Airlines

° Library Management System

° School

° College

° University

° social media site like facebook      


° online shopping site like Amazon

    Flipkart, Snapdeal.

° Military

°Government Organisation etc


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