What is CPU and GPU with Full Information

What is CPU and GPU with Full Information

The CPU is known by a lot of names Like :- Processor, Central Processor, microprocessor

We are living in 21 centuries and today is the era of technology.
Where more than half of our work is done through computers and mobile phones. 

In today's era, computers and smartphones are the most used electronic devices.

A computer requires a lot of parts to run. Such as a mouse, CPU, Monitor etc. The CPU is the most essential part for both computers and smartphones. And it is also called the "Brain" of a Computer.

Apart from this, high performance processors are also installed in computers and smartphones nowadays.

Which increases the speed of computers and their name is GPU!

Whenever we go to the shop to pick up a new computer, we hear the CPU and GPU for its specification.

What is this CPU and GPU, how does it work and what is the difference between these two, we are going to give you all the Information in this article.

What is CPU and how its work

The full name of the CPU is (Central Processing Unit). Its name suggests that it is a very important part of the computer that helps programs and any applications to Run.

It keeps running the operating system and applications continuously.
It performs all the important tasks arithmetical, logical, input and output of the computer system.

The CPU is known by a lot of names and its leading name is.

It is also called the brain of computer and smartphone, which does all your small and big instructions correctly.
That is why it is a very important part of the computer.

A CPU is a small item that is present in the motherboard. The CPU Chips consists of many small transistors.

With the help of these transistors, the computer's program runs. And the CPU is done by calculating.

The CPU receives and processes all the instructions of the computer And completes the task at a speed of seconds on Billions off per second (BPS).

From this we can now know that computers do all our work in the blink of an Eye.

The higher the capacity of the CPU, the faster the program and the instruction will run and give us the output.

The speed of earlier computers was very low, but today's computers use multi-core processors, which greatly increases its speed.

What is GPU and How its Work

The GPU's full name is (Graphical Processing Unit). It is also called the advanced version of the CPU.

Performs the geographical calculations that the CPU previously did.

Computer graphics are basically called pictures and Movies made by a computer.

Any image that we see on the screen of our computer and smartphone is called Graphics.

Nowadays software and applications with high graphics are available on Smartphones . 

Due to the load of all these software on the CPU, that CPU could not run the instruction properly.

That is why GPU was created to make all the work of CPU easier.
One of the main functions of the GPU is to reduce the CPU load.

The CPU's job is to render the image. Which is displayed fast on the screen of computers and smartphones.

In this, the technology of parallel processing is used. This allows the GPU to do a lot of graphical Calculations very quickly at the same time.

And this improves the quality of videos. In the same way, whatever algorithms and applications run in smart phones, the CPU handles it.

And whatever visual appears on this screen, the GPU handles it like Animations, Game Movie Images, and swiping etc.

GPU is most needed. Smart phones and computers are meant for gaming. Because high graphics and 3D animation are used in gaming. And which GPU can execute itself.

And whenever you edit an image in this smartphone or computer, GPU is the most used. 

Like:- CPU, GPU also has multi core processor. Due to which the performance of the computer is better.

Computer devices and smartphone devices GPUs are used in two ways.

First, they are already integrated with GPU computers and smartphones.
That is, it remains a part of the computer's processor. Which handles all the graphics of the system.

For example, a computer has an "Intel" processor. So in the intel you get to watch HD graphics.

Similarly, if a smartphone has a Qualcomm processor! So there is a graphic view of Adreno GPU.

Qualcomm Processors will be seen in all these Phones.

° Google Pixel
° Sony Phone 
° Samsung Phone 
° HTC Phone
° Xiaomi Phone
° LG Smartphones

Or if your mobile has Media Tek processor installed. So there you get to see the processing of Mali GPU.

Mali GPUs have been used in some models of Honor  and Samsung.
It integrates with GPU processors and combines with mobile.

The second way is using the GPU is slightly dedicated. Which is used only for computers and laptops.

Because it is applied separately in an external manner. If you like playing games and don't have a good graphic card in your system. So while playing the game you get to see the problem of leggings.

You have a choice to solve this problem. That you can easily install any external graphic card into your system.

They are some good gaming GPUs.


So it gets into gaming but the problem is over. And no matter how big the game is, it runs smoothly in your computer.

What is the difference in CPU and GPU

1)Is  GPU and CPU are processes who fulfill the software and hardware tasks of a Computer.

The CPU in a computer is a(General purposed  processor)that performs all kinds of tasks, such as if you do some mathmatical calculations or do MS Word and Excel. Watch a movie or a song. 

Do some browser on the Internet. CPU does all this work. But GPU is a (special purposed processor) who handles only the graphic of your computer. The GPU processor performs all the visual code in the computer. The CPU work in this task is very less.

2) Is The CPU is called the "Brain" of the computer that performs all kinds of tasks and helps the GPU system to perform tasks faster in graphics. It is designed to fulfill a specific task.

3) Is There are very few 'cores' in the CPU, which slows down its work.

 But CPU and GPU are found many times Faster  than CPU which increases the speed of Computer.

4) Is CPU cores work on the technology of (serial processing) and fulfill only one task at a time.

But GPUs are parlor architecture cores that fulfill many tasks at one time. This is the reason that the quality of video and image is good because of GPU.

5) Is CPUs require more computer memory for processing tasks. And GPUs require less memory for processing.

The GPU is specialized and cannot replace CPU work. The CPU can perform the functions of a GPU.

But very slowly. That is why it is necessary for both computer devices and smartphones.


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