How to get a Job in Google Full Information

How to get a Job in Google Full Information

The salary of Google Employers is about ₹ 1,00,00,000 Annually.

We have no need to introduce you to Google because nowadays every child knows who to go to if they want to get any information.

Because Google is the world's largest search engine. Whenever we have to get any information, we go to only.

Have you ever wondered how Google has an answer to each of our questions?

It is the hand of the greatest intelligent person who has solved all our problems.

Although this era is the era of machines, Humans have created machines. And will continue to be made like this.

Millions of people dream to do a job in Google. It is said that every year more than 200,0000 people apply for jobs in Google.

But only 5000 of these people get jobs. 

If you also have to apply for Google, then you should know. How and where to apply for it?

In this article, we will give complete information about how to get a job in Google, what should be the qualification for it. And how much salary does it get?

Information About Google.

Google ranks first in the world's largest tech company. Google was founded on 4 September 1998.

Google's head office is located in California, USA. And its branches is present in many countries of the world.

And at the same time there are many big officers of Google in our India too.

Google's head quarters are found in these cities of India.

° Mumbai

° Gurugram

° Bangalore

° Hyderabad

Google is not like other common companies. It  is more innovative and it's main job is to share information with other organizations.

However, as a growing phase, he is paying more attention to his employees. 

 Because employees are a form of success for any organization.

Have to work with Google. For any human being, is like a dream comes true.  Because the person working in Google , it gets a good salary package with a lot of facilities.

As I already told you in this article that every year millions of people apply to this company. But only a few thousand people are selected.

From this, you can guess what kind of candidate is chosen in this!

Most employees at Google are of the state of the art.

And they are excited about their jobs as well as their company. That is why he works hard for the success of this organization.

And in return, Google gives them higher salary, Bonus, compensation package, and other financial rewards.

Google organizes a placement process to select the best and brightest employees. And this includes tests and interviews.

What is the eligibility criterion to get a job in Google?

Google company says that there is no one type of employee working in Google.

As such, everyone should have the same specialty.

That is why we are looking for people who can bring new ways and net approaches to our company.

If you are looking for a place that promotes your curiosity passion and desire to learn. 

If you are looking for people who stand with you as a team to solve the biggest problems. So you are a future Googler.

What education qualifications do you need to get a job at Google?

To get a job in Google, you should have a B.Tech or MCA Degree.

You must maintain 65 marks throughout your academy career.

This means 10th 12th and 65% marks in BTech and MCA courses.

Candidate should have complete knowledge of English language.

They should know how to communicate well in this language.

Should have good knowledge of Internet, web research, online advertising, fraud detection, numerical analysis, and


Candidates should be proficient in mathematics. There should be Good grasp in the subject like:- Reasoning, Good Writing, Verbal  and Communication skills.

It is very important to have good programming skills with the candidate. Such as C,C++, Java etc.

The candidate should also have a thorough knowledge of computer software and hardware.

What type of job category does Google have?

1) Engineering

All these engineering roles are included in Google as an engineer.

° Software Engineering

° STA(static timing analysis)  


° Application Development

° Product Management

2) Business

Google includes this business for non-technical jobs.

° Quantitative Business Analysis

° Business Operations Management

° Sales Strategy

3) Designing

All these positions are included in the design category.

° UI(User Interface)

° UX(User Experience) Designer

° UX Writer

° Visual Designer

° UX Researchers

How to apply for a job in Google?

There are 3 ways you can apply to get a job in Google. And it's First way is

1) apply online using websites

To get a job in Google, you have to go to Google's website career dot and apply.

You can now see different positions and different job requirements.

And whatever job matches your skills, abilities and education, you can apply for it.

And you can send your qualification and experience in resume according to your post. Keep in mind that your resume should be effective.

Then you will get a call for an interview, otherwise it will be rejected.

2) Campus Placement

Google selects many college and university scores for Google's placements,like:-





The (APAC) test is an (Examination Conducted by Google). Which are designed to search for computer science and related young talent.

This is a coding contest. Which Google organizes every year.

Those who are interested can register for this exam.

The person who won this contest gets a golden opportunity to interview In Google.

What happens after applying for a job at Google?

After applying, if Google feels that you are able to work with them, then you get a call for an interview.

Internet Telephone in Google This hangout is conducted both ways.

If interviewing and liking you for a role is their second stage. Hangs out online. In this interview, things related to your knowledge are estimated.

And for technical role you are asked some questions related to algorithms and data structure.

You can also be prepared for a lot of coding and logical questions.

 An attempt is made to assess you behind each question.So that you can get the right information about your talent.

After passing the telephonic interview, Google spoke to you for the on-side interview in the head quarters.

In which the related ability is seen in the general knowledge of the candidate. The quality of leadership is also seen in it.

Questions related to job role questions are asked. So that it can be ascertained whether the person is capable of his work or not!

And Googliness which reflects the reaction of a person's personality, It is also seen.

In the interview, you are given many types of situations. Which the candidate has to sort out and answer based on that.

And if you pass in the interview, then you are trained for a few days of things related to your position and you are given a joining letter after that.

What is the salary package in Google?

The larger the company Google is, the larger is its salary package.

The salary of Google Employers is about ₹ 1,00,00,000 Annually.

Google also offers a lot of facilities along with a good salary package.

Like, employees are given food for free,Summing pool is given to reduce work stress. Relax house, Gym, Medical help etc.

Google also allows its employees to work from home.

According to Google's policy, if a Google employee dies, then Google gives half of his salary to his family.

And if their children are younger, $ 1000 per month is paid up to the age of 19.

And get a chance to work with complete independence in Google.

And there is no pressure to work here.

Everyone wants to work in Google so that they get good salary and their future can be bright.

Competition that Google  organized Every Year


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