How To Become an Architect With Full Information

How To Become an Architect With Full Information

The Initial Salary of an Architecture is ₹25,000 to ₹35,000 Thousand In Indian Currency

Do you also attract new Buildings of homes and offices, And do you also wish to design such strange and attractive architecture?

If you also want to do something in this field and want to become a better architect, then in this article we are going to give you complete information, To become an architect with full information. Read this article completely.

What is Architecture?

Architecture Any physical structure Such is the study of designing a buildings community. Which is made by combining the structure of art and science of Design.

An architect not only creates the design but is also involved in every construction work. That is, from initial discussion to completion of construction.

In such a scenario, the Quality of Designer, Engineer , Management, and Supervisor should be present in an architect.

Architect client demand and savings 

Residential, CommercialIndustrial, Buildings are Built.

What Do You Need To Become An Architecture?

To become an Architecture, you have to take a

(B.Arch. Bachelor in Architecture) Degree. 

B.Arch. is a 5 year under program, After completing it, you will become a better architect. 

After becoming a B.Arch. degree, you have to get a certificate to become a professional architect.

And to get a professional certificate you have to register in (COA Council of Architecture).  And before getting the official license, you may also have to give a qualification exam.

For this, it is very important to have minimum (50% marks) in the 12th class. Also, your subject should be Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. That means you pass 12th class from any subject.

You can apply for (B.Arch.) Course even after 10th class. But for this you have to have a diploma in civil engineering. And in which 50% marks is compulsory.

After this, you will have the chance to get admission in (B.Arch) even after applying in 2 test.

In which you can study at reputed Institute, And this exam is NATA and JEE

NATA means that the (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is a national only entrance exam.

The JEE exam is an entrance test for admission to IIT in which the rank of JEE Advanced and NATA 

Architecture Aptitude Test is given.

You should have a high score for admission to IIT, only then you can get a chance to study architecture from such a repository institute.

Apart from these, some other institutes also conduct their entrance tests. 

Let us now tell you the names of such !

Top Colleges In India from where you can also do B.Arch courses.

° Indian institute of Technology 


° Birla institute of Technology, Mesra.

° Factualty Of Architecture, MAHE,


° School of Planning and 

    Architecture Delhi.

° Sir J.J College Of Architecture, 


° Indian institute of Technology, 


° Faculty of Architecture JamiaMilia, 


° National Institute of Technology,


After getting a B.Arch. Degree, you can do job search in many fields like.

° Planner.

° Interior Designer.

° Landscape Designer.

° Surveyor.

° Construction Manager.

° Environment Architect.

° Project Architect etc.

Many companies also hire campuses for entry-level jobs like.


° L&T.

° Hafeez Constructor.

° Hiranandani Group.

° Kreative House.

° Atkins.

° Sobha Group.


° VConstruction etc.

It is very important for an architect to have a lot of skills like.

° Good Communication Skills.

° Management Skills.

° Visualisation Skills.

° Technical Skills.

° Creative Thinking.

Before entering the Architect's profession. You should know about this (Prose )And (Cones).

You get a lot of opportunities in the architect's form And the chances of national exploration also increase.

Apart from this, after some years training, salary package is also good. There are also some cones from the profession that gave such a good profit.

Like getting low salary package in starting, Are the working hours long, 

Correcting the design design of the client's sayings.

As far as salary is concerned, in the initial days you can get 25,000 to 35,000 salary in Architect.

But as your experience increases, your salary package will also increase.

That's why taking your focus experience and high profile projects into your CV Should be on adding.

You have to know what you need to do to become an architect.

But it is still to know what is the Difference between Residential Architect and Commercial Architect.

Residential architects design houses, apartments such as places, Together with interior designers. The personalize and centralize model of the house concept has to be prepared.

According to the need of the residence. Architects have to create space for everything in the house.

And things like plumbing electricity also have to be taken care of. Also, decorative elements also have to be kept in mind.

Compared to a residential Architect to commercial Architect. Creation has to be done on a small scale.

As far as commercial architects are concerned. So such architects work on large scale. Because they have to create buildings like Bank, Offices, Hospital. 

All the requirements of business building like. Proper plans have to be prepared for lobbies, parking space, break rooms, public restaurants, loading doks and elevators.

Also, commercial safety also has to be taken care of.

Commercial architects conform with the commercial designer is building matches with client's requirement.

After understanding the difference between residential Architect and commercial Architect.

It is also important to understand the Difference between an interior Architect and a Designer.

Architect is responsible for the structure of a building. While the interior designer makes this possible for the interior of the building.

To become an architect, the candidate should have a Bachelor degree in Architecture ie B.Arch.

But to become an interior designer, these  courses is necessary Or should have a diploma in interior designing.

° Architecture.

° Fine Art.

° Furniture Design.

° Interior Deisgn.

° Interior Architecture.

° Textile Design.

° 3D Design etc.

Whenever a building has to be built or structural changes have to be made in it, So the architect's help is taken.

When is interior designer help taken.

When  old to make this design new or get new designing done for new house.

The architect focuses more on technical requirements such as material climate lighting, ventilation, flooring.

While more focus of interior designer.

Occurs on the space psychology and emotional aspects of the space.

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