Difference Between Http And Https With Full Information

Difference Between Http And Https With Full Information
HTTP uses port 80, That is why The Security Is Very Less

If we work in our life, first of all take care of our safety. Like we wear helmets for our safety while driving.

Deposit money in banks and keep it safe, Use antivirus to protect mobiles and laptops.

Similarly when we do some search on the browser with the help of the internet, Or do online transactions.

Then there exists a strong link between our device and the server.

Which saves our personal data from any hacker attack. And this is what we call HTTPS.

We use the internet every day and whenever you have visited a website, you must have seen HTTP ,HTTPS before its domain.

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of HTTP and HTTPS and what is the Difference?

So in this article, we are going to give you complete information about what is HTTP and HTTPS and what is the difference between them. Will read this article completely.

What Is Http And How Its Work?

The full form of http is hypertext transfer protocol, It is a type of network protocol. Which is used in the World Wide Web.

Here, there is a set of protocol rules, 

Which serves as communication between browser and server.

And it handles data transfer between them.

When we write the domain name of any website or blog outside the search engine.

Whenever we type the name of any domain in the search box of the search engine and when pressing enter, it automatically redirects into https:// . After which our ISP allows the browser to connect with HTTP.

And the server in which that domain name is hosted, HTTP connects the browser to that domain name and displays all the information of this domain name on the screen to the user.

All the file stores live on the server, And the server responds according to the client's request. Our web browser here acts like a client.

In case of any kind of data transfer between the web browser and the server. They have to follow certain rules. And these rules are determined by the HTTP protocol.

The HTTP TCP protocol uses 80 ports, So that it can send and receive data easily.

Because HTTP uses port 80, That is why the security is very less. With the help of which one can easily break the connection of client and server. And can steal his valuable data.

But that does not mean that everyone can break it, To break this, it is very important to have good knowledge of computer software.

If you read an article on a website or download songs. So by doing such information, you will not suffer any harm due to hand.

But what about the Email Accounts, Net Banking and Online Transactions 

In which ID and password are used.

And if any such sensitive information comes in the hands of hackers. Then you may suffer heavy losses.

What is Https And How It's Work?

The full name of HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

HTTPS also performs the same functions as HTTP.

A Strong Security feature is available in HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is a secured version of HTTP.

Because HTTPS uses SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificate. The job of which is to transfer data between server clients in encrypted form.

The SSL algorithm is based on RSA.

Where such SSL also uses public key and private key.

Uses Of Public Key Or Private Key.

Public keys are used to transform the data into  encrypted form. 

A private key is used to decrypt information.

All data in an HTTPS connection Is encrypted by cryptography.

That is, the data is converted to such a format that it is impossible to decrypt it without decrypting the key.

And likewise, the sensitive data being transferred is secured.

Data from HTTPS is quite secure. Because all that data is in the encrypted form. Which is very difficult to hack.

And if a hacker has even hacked that data, then it will remain in encrypted form.

 Because of which the hacker has to be decrypted to use the Data.

And this is a very difficult task.

This is the reason that all the online transaction websites use HTTPS.

So that the user's data is safe.

You must have seen HTTPS : / before any domain name on any website.

This means that your data has been protected through SSL. A lock sign and a secure green appear in front of such a SSL URLS.

What Is The Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS.

1) HTTP is one such protocol, In which the user's data and information goes hypertext form.

That is, all the information and data goes into simple Text. And what to hacker becomes extremely easy to hack those information.

While HTTPS is Secure, All data is encrypted in HTTPS. Because of which data cannot be hacked by hackers.

2) HTTP URL starts with HTTP://, While the HTTPS URL starts with the https://.

3) The HTTP Proxy Server connection uses 80 ports.

While the HTTPS Proxy Server supports (SSL) Protected Port 443 connections.

This is why HTTPS is more secure than HTTP.

4) Online banking,.online transactions are not secure through HTTP. While HTTPS is used in all websites of online banking online transactions.

Many blogs or small websites on which information is shared can use Http.

5) No certificate is required in HTTP.

It is free with Domina whenever purchased. And automatically gets added to all blogs and websites.

And while HTTPS is a Paid service, 

Which requires an SSL certificate to use. 

Due to SSL certificate, good traffic is also generated in blogs and websites.

Our Suggestion

Lastly, we would like to suggest that you do not put your personal details or password or email ID on any website which has Http.

Because if you do that then you can easily get hacked by any hacker. Which can do your work by stealing your personal details.

That is why I always work with caution on the Internet. And protect yourself from hacker attacks.


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