Amazing Facts and Information about Apple Company

Amazing Facts and Information about Apple Company
The Apple company has more Cash than the US government.

In today's time, every human's dream is to buy any iPhone and Apple  item once in a lifetime.

Because who doesn't know the Apple Company!

The Apple company was founded by business tycoon or inventor Steve Paul Steve Jobs. And it is a very big name in the mobile Phone industry.

And the brilliant iPhone company has just launched its two iPhones this year.

And this company, which follows the most stringent rules for the privacy of its customers, That is why this company is so famous.

Because according to the company, they do not compromise on the information of their customers.

Apple Macintosh, iPad and iPhone hardwares are famous for such products.

Important Information About Apple

In terms of revenue, the iPhone is counted among the second largest company in the world after Samsung and Nokia.

And Apple is the world's third largest mobile manufacturer after Samsung and Nokia.

So today we will tell you the Amazing Fact of Apple Company in this article, which no one has told you or you have heard somewhere.

History Of world Largest Apple Company 

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs ,Steve Virginia and Ronaldo on 1 April 1976 to sell personal computer kits on "1 April"

Steve Wozniak made this kit with his own hands. And it was first introduced to the public at the Homebrew Company Club.

Apple's sales began in July 1976, and then its market price was kept at $ 666.66, or around $ 2735 per dollar in 2013.

The Apple company was started by Steve Job in the garage. And today the Apple company is one of the largest company in the world.

To raise capital for his new company, Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen to Steve Wozniak, an Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator for $ 500.

How did the apple Company Build Its first Computer?

The first Apple computer made by Steve Job and Steve Wozniak consisted of those old parts. Those they took from their employees.

Apple is the largest IT company in the world and the second largest phone manufacturer in the world.

Apple's most popular product is the iPhone. For the first 30 years i.e. until 9 January 2007. Apple is was called Apple Computer.

But in January 9 2007. It removed the term computer to reflect its expanding market.

If you wanted to buy iPhone part-by-part in 991, then it would have cost about $ 3,560,000 i.e. about ₹227875600.00

Indian currency.

How Many Apps Available on Apples apps Store?

Apple company apps are the most downloaded in the world. More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple's store so far.

Approximately 122600 people are working for Apple. And this number is increasing rapidly.

The Apple company has doubled in size over the last 4 years. The Apple company had 14000 employees before launching the Apple phone.

How Much Cash Total does the Apple Company Have

The Apple company has more Cash than the US government . Apple has about $ 256.8 Billion Cash.

Apple was named Apple because Steve Job loved fruits.

And when forming the Apple Company, he ate mostly fruits.

The average annual income of employees at Apple headquarters is $125,000. In 2012, Apple sold 3,40,000 iPhones per day.

How Much Money Does Apple Make Per Hour?

 That is 14000. 8 iPhones per hour. That is about 4 iPhones per second!

Which is a record in itself.

Apple iPhone's Retina Display is actually manufactured by Samsung.

As we know Apple and Samsung are the competitor of each other. Apple earns $ 300,000 per minute i.e. around $ 5000 per second.

Apple company's iPhone sales are more than all of Microsoft's products.

Samsung makes up about 30% of the A used in the

iPhone 6. Apple is worth more than the entire Rusi stock market.

When a prototype of Apple's iPad was shown to Steve Job. So he put it in an aquarium and looking at the water bubble said, there is still a lot of space in it. And it can be slightly compacted and compacted.

Apple App Store 60% of the apps are not installed. In the summer of 1976, a rare up to the moment computer built in Steve Job's garage was sold at an auction in 2004 at a bid of 90,000US dollars.

Apple's iPhone is about 2 times more expensive in Brazil than in the US.

In 2015, the broken iPhone Apple gained 2,204 pounds of gold. This is equivalent to a value of $ 40 million.

An iPhone has about 0.0012 on gold 0.012 and silver and

0.00012 platinum. Which is equal to the serial number 1.52 $, 0.24$ and 0.017$ dollar . An iPhone has about 75 elements. Which is two-thirds of the periodic-table.

What Was the Coast Of Worlds Most Expensive Iphone ?

The world's most expensive iPhone 5 was priced at 15 million Us Dollar . It was made of 135 grams of Gold in 24 grams of carats and 600 white diamonds were studded in this phone.

Apple annual sales in 2010 were 65.32$ billion. If Apple became a country, it would be the 68th largest country in the world.

Where Are The Largest And smallest Apple Stores in the World?

Apple's largest retail store is on Regent Street, London, with an area of ​​25,000 square feet.

Santa Rosa Plaza, California, has the smallest Apple store of just 540 square feet.

In December 1982, Apple became the first personal computer company to reach $ 1 billion in annual sales.

On August 28, 1991, the first email message from space was sent by the crew of the Space Shuttle STS43

Atlantis using match score tables and specially configured Apple Link software.

The most expensive Apple store is on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. And it cost $100000000 to build. It is considered one of the most photographed retail destinations in the world.

Despite the high profile of its machines, Apple Macintosh accounts for less than 10% of the personal computer market.

About Apple First Digital Camera 

In 1944, Apple introduced the world's first Mass Market Color digital camera trend. The Quick take Hundred had less than

1 megapixel resolution.

There was no digital display in it. After taking only 8 photographs, its memory was full. When Jobs returned to the company again in 1997, he had banned the production of this product.

During his last 15 years at Apple, CEO Steve Job was paid an annual salary of $ 1.

 In this, he received the diet for the health benefits of the company. Despite this, Steve Job had a net worth of $ 7 billion. And now you have more than 2 million apps in this store.


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