Amazing and Interesting Information about Warren Buffet

Amazing and Interesting Information about Warren Buffett
Warren Buffet's assets of $ 63 Billion are equal to the total GDP of Lebanon and Iceland.

Some names and their work are such that some people in the world think that if we do even one percent of them, then our life will be set.

Yes friends, today we will talk about one such person named Warren Buffet. It is the 3rd richest man in the world.

His current total assets are $84 Billion

Looking at the person of such height, it is not seen from anywhere that it is the third richest man in the world and second Richest in America.

Interesting  Information about warren Buffet 

In 2007, he was ranked third on Fox magazine's rich list after Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft Company.

He gave $30 Billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the benefit of people around the world.

That is, by donating 83% of your gross wealth. Warren Buffet created a new history of Donation.

Understanding Warren Buffet's personality and getting an opinion about him, Just like the stock market is very difficult and complicated.

Warren Buffett lives in a three-room house at Wall Street. On the other hand, they donate all their wealth to charity.

How Much Does Warren buffet Struggle?

Warren Buffet , who earned $175 month by distributing a newspaper called the Washington Post in childhood. Today Warren Buffet is the source of inspiration for all of this.

And in this article today, we will tell you about some facts of Warren Buffet  that you and most people do not know.

Warren Buffet bought Berkshire Hathaway Company in 1964 so that he could sack its CEO.

How much has Warren Buffet Donated So far And  What is  his Total Wealth?

Warren Buffet has donated $ 25 billion so far.

That is, how many dollars have been donated so far that five Apple spacecraft complexes can be built in it.

Warren Buffet's assets of $ 63 billion are equal to the total GDP of Lebanon and Iceland.

Warren Buffet's 1-day average income is $ 37 million. About 80% of Warren Buffet's day is spent reading books.

He sits in his office and reads about 600 to thousand pages daily.

Warren Buffet has only sent one email in his life so far. This email he sent to Microsoft's Jeff Raikes became his first and last email.

Currently 85 years old Warren Buffet has earned 99% of his total wealth after celebrating his 50th birthday.

Buffet had only three million dollars on his 50th birthday. As of today they have $ 84 billion. And he is the third richest person in the world.

When Did Warren Buffet Buy his First  Stock?

 The world's third largest Richest man, bought 6 shares for the first time in 1941. He was just 11 then.

His prices fell as soon as he bought the shares and as soon as he sold the shares.

As soon as they sold the shares, their prices increased by 500%. ($40 to $200 went.)

In his first job, Warren Buffet distributed newspapers for the Washington Post.

He distributed about 500,000 copies of the Washington Post to his neighbors in ohama. 

And they used to get $ 175 per month for this work.

What is Warren Buffets Most Famous Thought?

His famous statement is that if you have bought something that you do not need today,

So tomorrow you may have to sell what you desperately need.

Warren Buffet loves junk food and eats 2,500 calories every day.

His favorite food is the cheese burger that he likes to eat with Cock.

Warren bought the first stock at just 11 years old and he regrets that he delayed it a lot.

How Did he Invest His Money?

He bought a small farm at the age of 14 by saving the newspaper by distributing it.

He still lives in a small three-room house that he bought after getting married 40 years ago.

He says that everything needed in his house is available. There is not a single Grill in his house.

Warren Buffet drives his car everywhere and has not hired anyone for his safety.

Warren Buffet owns the world's largest private aircraft company. However, he himself does not travel by private plane.

His company Berkshire Hathaway owns 63 companies. 

He writes the same letter every year to his company employees.

Apart from this he neither holds meetings nor makes regular typing calls.

Which Rule Does Warren Buffet Ask His Employer to Follow ?

Warren Buffet has asked his CEO to follow only two rules.

1)The first rule is never to lose any of your shareholder's money.

2) And  Second Rule Do not forget the first rule.

They do not interact with the people of high society.

He spends some time at home making popcorn and watching television.

When Did Bill Gates meet Warren Buffet ?

Bill gate met Warren Buffet, the world's richest man 5 years ago.

Who did Bill Gates never feel that he too belongs to his category.

That's why Bill Gates only held a half-hour meeting with him, but when he started talking, that meeting lasted for 10 hours.

And Bill Gates became a devotee of Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet neither holds a cellphone nor does he have a computer on his desk.

What is Warren Buffet Advice For Today`s  Youth?

His advice to young people is to stay away from credit cards and invest on your own.

He has donated $31 Billion, or up to (eighty-five percent) of his earnings.

Warren Buffet is one of the few in the world who has encouraged people to move forward.

What a positive thing that a boy who had to make a loss in his first investment. Today, the world's largest investor is counted in.

What Inspiration should You Take from Him?  

One of these is something that you must have liked and you may be thinking that we can do it too.

If you still do not understand, where to start!

So I would say that there was a very interesting line in this article that Warren Buffet has to read 600 to thousand Pages every day. Read books, you should also read books.

So in this work you neither have to work hard nor spend much money.

But you will have to take time out. Start with six hundred pages, not just two pages.

And you decide what else you can do in your life. Move your mind


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