Amazing & Interesting Fact & Information about Oxford University

Amazing and interesting fact and information about Oxford University

In the year 2015, more than 18,000 students had filled the form for 3000 seats.

Oxford University is the largest university in the world

In this, millions of children apply every year, in which up to a thousand children are selected.

In this article, we will give you complete information about Oxford University and tell you the facts associated with it.


Oxford University is the oldest university in England located in England.

There is 39 college ties with Oxford University which has a very large amount. Graduation is taught.

Oxford University has more than 30,000 students. Out of which 11,728 students are graduating.

And 10941 students are doing post graduation. And a quarter of these are foreign students.

The name of Oxford University is known by most people in the world.

Its official name is University of Oxford.

Many students dream that they are ft study in this university

for 1 day.

The year 2016, 2017, an Oxford University has been ranked as the highest school in the world according to Times Higher Education (THE).

Oxford University has so much competition to take admission that five people apply for one seat.

In the year 2015, more than 18,000 students had filled the form for 3000 seats.

There are 300 different graduate degree programs available at Oxford University.

5% of UK graduate research students study at Oxford University.

Students from 140 countries and provinces come to study at Oxford University.

The 42 percent students studying here come from another country.

According to the Research Access Framework in 2014, Oxford has the highest reading research ever.

Oxford University consisting of several colleges and Oxford presses.

Oxford Hire has the largest employer.

Only Oxford University produces 17 thousand jobs. The region puts 750 million pounds i.e. ₹ 750000000 into the economy.

Girls were also allowed to take the exam here till the year 1884, but they were not given degrees. The degree started getting in the year 1920.

And in 1959, women also got all the rights.

Oxford University received the status of co-education in the year 1974.

The University of Oxford is one of the most beautiful building in the city.

Modern architectural art sits together  in Oxford University classes.

The new bio chemistry classes have glass windows. Which allow travelers to find work attracted.

The famous bodleian Library at Oxford University dates to Elizabeth Queen.

When it was founded by Sir Thomas bodley, who was often a student at Oxford University. Affectionately known as a bodley.

It is the largest library in the country after the British Library. More than 12 million books are located in this library.

But this is not a lending library.And items also cannot be Displaced. Oxford University is not named worldwide.

28 Nobel winners from here, 27 UK Prime Minister And many have gone out reading headrests.

Oxford University has the oldest university museum and press  in the world. It has the largest academic library system in the world.

Oxford University is located in Oxford on the River Thames.

And the nation's capital, London, is located in the northwest.

Oxford University is believed to have started in 1133 AD. And was recognized as a university in eleven 1166AD.

The Oxford University motto is Demons illuminateu me in Latrine. The language of scholarship during the Middle Ages. It means God is my light.

This university is known to have come into existence 1096 or about 915 years ago.

The University of Oxford, unlike the University of Cambridge, is a private university. But it is considered a national institution.

Famous Prime Minister of England who has studied in this institute.

It is the name of some famous people who have studied at Oxford University.

°Clement Richard Attlee

°William Ewart Gladstone

°Harold Macmillan

°Margaret Thatcher

In medieval times, Oxford University students were bound by church rules.

Who did not allow him to marry.

This is why he is awarded the first degree.Which is called Bachelor of Arts.

The head of Oxford University is called transler. Oxford University passed a constitution in 1857.

Representatives of whom,Almost at graduation. Allowed to make preliminary level and last examination.

Oxford University comes first in all these subjects.

° Business Studies.

° English

° Politics

° Physiology Senses

° Fine arts

°Middle Eastern and African Studies.

° Music

° Philosophy

In 2010, Oxford University was ranked tenth. And was second in Europe.

In 2011, Oxford University was ranked fourth in the Best University.

Caltech University was the first place.

When Howard University was ranked second. And while Stanford University was ranked third.

Oxford University has 102 libraries.

And his action can hold more than 11 million books.

Oxford University is the only major university where you will get to study more and more things.

Oxford University will teach you all the degrees and all those things in whatever subject you have to study and get a degree.


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