What is Google Summer of Code Competition 2020 {GSOC}

What is Google Summer of Code Competition {GSOC}
And How can we Participate in it!!?

What is Google SuAmer of Code Competition 2020 {GSOC}
More then 15,000 students Take a Part in this Competition

{GSOC} means Google Summer of Code.

This means that Google does a Code competition which takes place every year in Summer.

Basically this is mentorship program it is not a internship program.

Many people confuse it with an internship but there is no internship.

So the Google Summer of Code is a mentorship program competition in which Google tells a lot of organizations to participate in that Code  competition.

Then many of these students apply to all these organizations. Whatever organization you like in all these organizations that you can work on, you can apply in it.

Then you apply through the proposal of that organization!

A student applied to that organization. Then the Organization of Selection, after selecting that student, provides him with a mentor to guide him to understand the code.

So who will be a mentor and that student is going to work on any one project for 3 months, whatever that student would have liked And the mentor will guide it.

And after 3 months, we will discus on the benefits of what will happen. It was a crystal clear knowledge That I gave you. And I gave you an idea about the program Competition.

How can you apply in Google summer Of Code Competition.

Suppose you are a student and you have to compete in Google Summer of Code, then first of all, find out the date in which this year's coding Competition is going to happen.

So there is a date to participate in the Google Summer of Code

Competition. From 16 March to 31 March this year.

So you have to see your interest with which organization your interest is getting align as if you are a person of Android Development or if you have good coding knowledge, then you can compete in that field.

So you have to choose  a right Organization that has your interest.

How can we contribute to all these organizations?

There is a contribution that contains very large code.

And has an open source code base. You can see it. What is written here, what is written there and you can find a bug in it and it remains fixed.

If you have to understand the structure of  code then go to the GitHub  website for codebase structure  formation. There you will find a lot of code  structures. The link is below.

More then 50,000 Developer work on GitHub

You contributed to an organization. This means that if you have fixed the bug  on the website and it is Called Contribution.

If you are a student and you have to apply to the organization, then you have to make a document of 15 to 20 pages which we call the proposal.

So all your information will be kept in your document proposal and it will also be that in the next three months, what are the bugs fixed in their code.

And there can be two ways to do these projects.

Or do you work on the same prospectus that the bug  company has told?

The second way is to tell them your idea.

So it will be that you also gave an idea to the organization that if we can make all this changes in this code, then it will increase your importance.

And you also free completely to give your opinion.

You have to tell your entire routine of 3 months in the proposal of starting that I will do it in the next one week. I will fix the bug in the next week.

Advantages of open source contribution

If a student did not take lessons in open source contribution and applies in direct Google Summer of Code, then the chances of applying his proposal are in the negative.

So this means that you have to be ready beforehand and participate in the organization beforehand. Only then your selection will be done.

So it will be beneficial that when you apply in any competition, then you can tell them that I have already participated in open source organizations.

Then your chances of getting selected will increase by 50%.

How to start contribution in Organisations

First of all, if I talk about a prerequisite , the most important thing is to learn the command of the GitHub.

GitHub website where you will get all the things related to the Code :- Like assignment project lots of code for your practice.

And go to Github's open source code base.

And by filling his code base, he has got his desktop and test it.

And for all these things, it is very important to learn the command of the GitHub.

Through this course you will also learn all the commands of GitHub. Like full change, merge, or pull etc.

This is the free course for GitHub commands

How can we understand the huge code of organisations??

Most people have the problem that the Code is just too big and it is very difficult to understand.

Whenever you go to Code Base, there is an option of open issues, where all the issues related to that code  remain there as if it has been found.

And from the beginning, and started to correcting that whole code , whatever it's small algorithm, you start it from there.

And when you start doing small part of that code, then after few days you will get the idea of ​​that whole code, Does that code want to tell you?

When you join a company for Coder, even then you will not be given big codes. You will be introduced to small concepts of code.

And try to understand the code that you have received by reading the commands.

Because a real program is called the same and that the court of others should understand what their program wants to say?

And companies also demand such parties only.

Because that  algorithm has not been written by one person.

A lot of Coder have written it , So if you understand. This will be the greatest achievement.

So when your proposal is accepted, then the particular organization will assign you a mentor.

And the mentor he will be helping you correct that code.

And your mentor will review your code.

And that is 3 months, after taking your competition, you will also take your Google test every month and if you fail in any one, then Google will be kicked out of your competition.

And if you pass then you will get the price by doing  one by three!⅓ .

So Google's 3-month Competition Price is 2600 dollars.

And if I tell it in Indian currency, then it is up to 1.5 lakh Rupees.

What are the benefits of competing the Google Summer of Code?

So the largest of the Google Summer of Code competition. This is the advantage that you will get internship in any company very quickly.

Either you have applied to an off campus then you will get answer very quickly there too.

Either you have given your resume to a company. For short listing there is also going to be a positive reply.

If you have won the Google Summer of Code once, then you can also participate in such mentor next year.

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