What is Google Hash Code Competition ?

 What  is Google Hash  Code Competition and How can we play?

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17000 Contestant from all over the world took part in google hash code Competition in 2019

Hello guys,
are you Interested in coding Competitions? Because Google organised lot of Coding competition Every year.

 Like:- Code Jam , Kick Star,Google summer of code (GSOC), and Hash Code.

 And today we are talk about Google Hash Code Competition.

Because More than 140 Countries from around the world

are represented in the competition.

What is Hash Code Competition??🧐


Google hashcode is a coding competition where a team has 5 hour to solve Any problems. The code is created by the engineers of Google.

Which is solved by the team within 5 hours.

It is not necessary that you should have Knowledge of multiple coding.

In this, only you should have a Good knowledge on any one programming Language.

Here is the coding language that Google

      supports In Hash code. 

 1) Java programming4) C Programming 
 2) Python Programming 5) c++ Programming 
 3) Pulp Programming 6) C# Programming

You should have a Good grasp in any one of these programming languages.

Hashcode competition is organized by Google because!

Sometimes there are Bug in Google's system. If that system does not work properly then Remove that code from Google's engineer in Competition.

That bug is given by competition to correct by coders.

Who take part in that Competition.

It happens that Google's product becomes bug free.

And the team that comes First in this competition they  gets a winning prize of US $ 4000 from Google.

And when I talk about Fourth thousand US Dollar in Indian currency, it is up to 


And the team that comes to the second position gets $2000 US Dollars.

If I Convert 2000 US Dollars to Indian currency, then this become 1.5 lakhs of Rupees.

And the team that Comes to the third position gets the Winning prize of $1000 US Dollar.

And if you convert $1000 US Dollars to Indian currency then it is about ₹ 70000.

And with this, Google also gives all the products of Google to its contestants.

Like:- Google home,

Goggle upcoming phones,  Google electronic product etc.

And in 2019, 17000 Contestants from all over the world took part in Google Hashcode πŸ€”Competition.

How can you participate in hashcode competition 2020?

There are  total 2 stages in Google Hash Code Competition, in which you can give the First phase from any corner of the world.

Otherwise, Google has made Hubs in the Universities, offices in the school at Like Colleges.

You can take part in competition by going here.

In 2019, Google launched 700 new hubs. In 97 different countries.

The advantage of going to the Google hubs is that you Meet new people there. Understand the strategy score of coding and make new friends.

And if you want, you can Participate by going to Google's Hubs.

And it is not necessary that you Participate with Google Hubs only. You can Participate in any competition from anywhere in the world.

(Second Round)

When you clear the first round, you are eligible for the second round.

For that, Google calls you to our Office.

His contests were held in Dublin Ireland in 2018 and 2019 last year.

And before that Google which had office in France used to call it there.

So this year you will have to go there in Dublin Ireland which is their second office to participate in this Competition for second round.😎

How to register in hashcode Competition

Taking part in Google Hashcode Competition is very easy.

Just go to the website of Google Hash Code Competition and register.

And the link of the Google Hash code competition is ⬇️


And how much eligibility is required to Participate in their programing competition?πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

If you study in College from any field, then you are absolutely legible to Participate in this code Competition.🍭

Either you are at intermediate level or either you work in a Big office, even then you are eligible to Participate in it.

Google allows any person from any field to Participate in this Competition.

In this you will not get any such restriction that if you study from any other field then you cannot take part in it.🀠🀠

What do you need to keep in mind to participate in HashCode competition?❄️❄️❄️

Participants must compete in groups of two, three or four members (each group is known as a "team"). Participants must form their own team in the judge system (as defined below) and the team structure cannot be changed after the specified time frame on the HC Contest website or judge system; A contestant may leave a team before such deadline and withdraw from the HC competition. However, your team must have at least two (2) members during the HC competition period (as the final round (as defined below)). No team with less than two (2) members is eligible to participate in the HC competition. A participant can participate in one (1) team only during the HC competition. 

Team Members Age

 The  members age that only team members who are at least the minimum age (as defined in the terms) are eligible to participate in the final round. For a team to participate in the final round, at least two (2) team members must be at least the minimum age.

Google headquarter Dublin Ireland

Google Dublin Headquarter Outlook

So the behind-the-scenes look at the Google headquarters in Dublin. There are four buildings in the complex. Over 47,000sq  feet of office space is housed in all headquarters -marketing, finance and engineering. Employees in over 65 countries and speak more than 45 languages.

The flagship project - the new Google office in Ireland was designed and built by architect Architect Cammenzid Evolution Studios in collaboration with the Henry Lyon. The project was intended to create a stimulating and interactive environment for employees in his headquarter . The architects is to different it  tried to create a multi-purpose space - five restaurants, 42 small kitchens, recreation areas, a gym, pool, spa and more than 400 meeting rooms - formal and informal research centers, which are the only main attractions from the inside. All spaces are designed for work environment interactive and communication philosophy according to Google. The buildings are connected by a bridge.

My recommendation who want to participate in Google hashcode competition

If you have knowledge of coding and you want to learn coding, then you must take part in this Competition.

Because when you take part in this method of competition, then you get to know how some Questions are asked in  Complex Coding competition.

Even if you are not able to come first in this competition, you must be a participant for this competition.

Because you will know! What kind of questions are going to come, then you will be preparing in that way and then you can crack the competition the next time.

And through this competition you can also make a good attachment with Google.

If you have similar big ones. To participate in competitive coding and to prepare for it, then go to the Hacker Rank, the link is below.

[Over 11 million Developer Practice coding Skill On Hacker Rank]

Hacker Code is a learning platform where you can teach the study of competitive coding. Which method questions are asked in competitive coding?

In this you will find practice modules. Plus time to time your test will be taken. Your competition will be made by other people.

All you have to do is sign in and create a profile.

And your learning will begin for competitive coding.

Hacker code is the only platform where companies also select you through your coding knowledge.😎


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