What is Super Computer and How its Work? Full Information

What is Super Computer and How its Work
A Super Computer Can Cost From $200,000 To $10 Million

Nowadays we are living in the era of information and Technology. And this is technology, are cannot work without computers. 

All the information and knowledge that we get is possible only because of computer. 

The computer that we use in our everyday life is called an ordinary computer.

Can do extraordinary things with an ordinary computer. Such as creating power points, writing text, playing games, watching movies.

Apart from ordinary computer, there is another computer which is used to do big things. Instead of an ordinary computer, that computer shows a big calculation in a few minutes.

Gathers information about the weather and operates machinery in large companies.

The computer that does all this work is called a Supercomputer.

Information About Supercomputers

You must have heard about the supercomputer and you will have some Information about it.

Today we have come to this article by taking complete knowledge about supercomputers, so that you understand fully what is supercomputers.

What is supercomputer

We will discuss this before getting to know supercomputers. What is a computer and what are its functions?

A computer is a machine with a similar purpose. The keyboard mouse takes data from the user from it.

And after taking that data, processes it. It calculates and then shows the user as an output on the screen.

A normal computer works in a similar way, but a Supercomputer works much faster and more.

Supercomputers are used where there is a very large Calculation and quick work to be done in real time.

What is Called A Super Computers In Hindi

The supercomputer is called 

[Maha sangnak] in Hindi.

Supercomputers do not do one thing at a time. He has the ability to do many things at one time.

Because a supercomputer works on parallel processing rather than serial processing.

Ordinary computers use serial processing to accomplish tasks.

In which only one work is done at a time.

Meaning after the process of one task is over, the process of another work starts. Because of which its work process is slow.

But supercomputers have thousands of processors which are capable of doing millions of calculations.

A supercomputer uses the parallel programming to complete a task and completes a large task into smaller parts. And each processor is able to quickly complete the task assigned to each part.

Due to the use of parallel processing in a supercomputer, a supercomputer can do any major task in a matter of minutes and can easily do even small tasks.

Many microprocessors in supercomputers also solve complex problems quickly.

Any computer is called a supercomputer on the basis of it can solve a very Complex problem.

The supercomputer has the ability to do one billion calculations in a second.

On What Principal is the Speed Of a Super Computer Measured?

Calculate the speed of supercomputer speed by {FLOPS} mean [Floating points Operating Per Second]. 

While the speed of an ordinary computer is calculated in seconds on {MIPS} mean [Millions Instruction per second].

Talking about the operating system, the earlier supercomputers used to work on the Unix operating system.

But with the change of time and technology, most supercomputers today work on Linux operating Systems.

However, manufacturers also change the operating system according to their own.

Apart from Linux, there are many operating systems like CentOS, Bullx, Cray LINUX Operating System.

Most supercomputers are used in scientific tasks. So sometimes when is it used in traditional programming, language, Fotran and modern programming language C, C++.

Supercomputer is better in every way than ordinary computer. But it also costs a lot. The common man cannot buy it.

The price of a supercomputer is determined by the speed of how many flocs it calculates.

The faster the supercomputer, the higher the price.

The height of the supercomputer would also be very high. It ranges from a few feet to 100 feet. That's why supercomputers cost so much.

It costs from $200,000 to $10 million.

The size of a supercomputer also depends on how many computers it is made up of. 

A supercomputer is made up of more than 1000 10,000 computers. And all these computers work together.

Where is a supercomputer used?

Supercomputers are used in places where large calculations are to be done in short moments.

Traditionally, supercomputers are used for scientific and application engineering. So that it can handle large databases. And also perform a large amount of computational operations.

Talking about performance, it works thousand times, faster and accurate than ordinary computer. Apart from this, it is also needed in special operations.

Historically supercomputers have been used in weather called weather forecasting, Compiling genes is known as gene synthesis and Climate estimation known as climate research.Has mastered the time of nuclear Weapons or doing mathematical calculations.

When and who made supercomputers?

When you know the history of computers, it will be known that not a single person built a supercomputer.

Rather, many people contributed from time to time.

Then we got to see such huge and powerful machines.

But when it comes to supercomputers, a huge credit goes to Mr. Seymour Cray. Because their contribution is the highest in making supercomputers.

They can also be called fathers of supercomputers. The world's first supercomputer was built in 1960 by Mr.Seymour Cray, It was called CDC 1604.

America has 2 of the world's fastest supercomputers.  Both these supercomputers are named "Sumit" and "Sirrra".

Both of these use IBM technology.

Sumit was crowned the fastest computer in the world in June 2018.

China's Sunway ThaihuLight supercomputer was considered the fastest before Sumit Supercomputer.

Which had an estimated value of

 $ 273 million.

In total, among the 10 fastest computers in the world, five computers are in the USA And 2 Suppercomputers in China and 1 in Switzerland and Japan.

India has also five fastest supercomputers.

This is the name of five supercomputers of India.

°Pratyush Cray XC40

°Sahastra Cray XC40

°Aditya IBM /Lenovo System

°IIT Delhi HPC

°Param Yuva 2

When did India get its first supercomputer?

India got its first supercomputer system Param 8000 in 1991.

India's most modern supercomputer is Pratyush.

As of January 2018, the most modern computer in India is Pratyush Cray XC40. Its memory is 1.5 TeraBytes. This supercomputer is located at IITM, Pune.

India's top supercomputer has a speed of 42.56 TFLOPS Per Second.

This supercomputer was designed to understand the weather and the atmosphere better. It can accurately predict weather and predict cyclical drought climate.

Supercomputers have been used in India in fields ranging from automobiles to medical and education.

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