How to Become A Blogger Full Information Beginner To Advanced

How to Become A Blogger Full Information Beginner To Advanced
Out Of Over 1.7 Billion Website and There are over 600 Million blogs in the World

use the Internet every day and get the information we want.

Have you ever wondered from where we get the information?

We get all this information from the blog. People have a desire to get government and private jobs.

But in today's time, the population in our country has increased a lot and that is why no youth wants to sit vacant at home.

And keep finding ways to earn Money online. So that he can make his mark.

In today's time, blogging is also considered as a means to earn money in an accurate and better way.

Because people also get wealth and popularity from it.

So that's why we are going to give you what is blogger in this article and all the information related to blogger?

First of all know What is a Blog?

Blog is an English word that is the short name for web blog.

Which started in 1998.

This is a free service provided by Google. By which a person can share his talk in the whole world.

People use blog to spread their ideas to other people. The post written on the blog reaches every person who searches on Google.

A blog is like a website that can be created for free. And Google has made its interface so easy that everyone can use it.

The only difference between a blog and a website is that in order to make a website, you should have a good knowledge of coding.

And it also takes money to make it. When Blog is free service and a platform is required to build it linke:-








With the help of all these website platforms, anyone can create their blog easily. A blog is run by an individual or the entire team.

The blog is very popular with people and people also like to read it.

In the beginning the blog can be made for free and later it can be modified according to your need.

Because in the free version you do not get all the facilities.

The size of the blog is smaller than that of the website. That is why the blog is also called digital diary.

Photos video link already exists in the blog. And the content of a blog is called a blog post.

Blog posts can be easily share everywhere on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Why is a blog written?

20 years ago people used to write their suggestions and journalists on diary and paper. And used to share his ideas in the world through newspapers and magazines.

And in the same way in today's modern era, people prefer to write on Internet and share. This is called a blog.

Any topic can be written in the blog.

Their subjects may also be general creative. Many blogs are related to a particular topic. And share information and news related to that topic.

Like there are technology related blogs in which information about new and old Technology is given.

A person who writes a blog is called a blogger and the work done on the blog is called blogging.

What is Blogging?

Creating blogs and writing posts on it and publishing it. And customizing it in a good way is called blogging all these activities.

The person making it has to post their thoughts from time to time.

Getting the blog to be rank in Google search engine and replying to the comments on the blog, and similarly what a blogger does every day to get his blog done, we call it as blogging.

Money can also be earned online through a blog.

Blogging can be done on any subject like:-






Blogging is divided into two categories.

°Personal Blogging.

°Professional Blogging.

Personal blogging is also called Hobby Blogging. These bloggers are those who have a story, event story, or experience have to write.

Which he wants to share with other people, this whole story and incident can also be in his personal life.

Such a blog is often made by celebrity people so that they can share their thoughts and their expressions with fans.

They do not earn money from blogging, they do blogging only as a copy.

Personal blog is written by celebrity. That's why you guys like to read it so that it can know more about its artist.

Professional blogging is what those who consider blogging as their profession and career.

Those people earn so much money from blogging that they can fulfill their needs and their desires.

It is similar to a business in which your strategy is by investing money and time. Only then comes the fruits of hard work.

Professional bloggers monetize their blogs in many ways and earn money.

Like:- Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Membership Website, Advertising, Donation, E-books, Online Courses etc.

Out of which Google Adsense is the most effective way to earn money.

A professional blogger is completely Different from a personal blog.

If you are fond of writing, then you can easily choose the path of blogging. But if you want to earn money from it, then you need a lot of attention and hard work in it.

Blogging is not so easy. If you are thinking that you start blogging today and from tomorrow money will start coming, then you are thinking completely wrong.

And if you want to get your feet in it and do a long business, then most of all you need patience in this industry and keep working hard.

Most bloggers write 10 to 20 posts and do not have patience and leave this field.

How to become a blogger and what does it take?

No special qualification is required to become a blogger. Anyone, of any class, can do this by taking time out.

Like :- Student, House wife, Job person, businessman, Young, Old person etc.

Anyone who has something to write and loves to write can do blogging.

He should just be aware of things related to Internet and blogging.

And apart from this, you have to ask yourself, in which subject do you specialize?

On which you can write different and maximum posts. Because before selecting a blog we have to choose a subject, Which is called Niche!.

For this, you have to ask yourself in which subject you can write better and funnier than others.

There are millions of blogs in this world and something can be written every day on every subject.

Like :- 

° Fashion          ° Finance 

° Food ° Policies 

° Fitness ° Business 

° News  ° Personal 

° Lifestyle ° Automobiles 

° Sports ° Pets 

° Movies ° Education 

° Gaming ° Gadgets 

° Finance  ° Health 

° Policies  ° Technology

If any of these topics is either related to it, you can spell. Just your mind and your passion should be there.

On which you can write without hitch.

If you want, you can also write articles on many topics on the blog post. To make money by blogging, good traffic is required on the blog.

And if the traffic is good, then you have to write good content.

A blogger does not just have to write articles to run his blog successfully.

Apart from that, a lot of work has to be done. Like making backlink for blog post and (SCO) on that blog to get it run.

Now there are a lot of factors in SCO like:- Searching Keyword, sharing on social media, use Google search console, Use Google analytics and it should be that you should have enough knowledge to get your blog posts rank on Google.

To write an article one has to do research and find keywords related to the topic. The correct image has to be chosen for the blog post and the design of the blog has to change over time.

Site speed and other problems also have to be fixed. Blog posts have to be shared on different social media.

Establish relationships with other bloggers and help them.

It is a platform where every day new things have to be written and the user gets to learn new things.

If you want to bring a lot of traffic to your blog post and get traffic quickly, then social media is a very good suggestion.

This is some social media platform from where you can bring good traffic to your website.






What is Backlink and how does it help us to Rank  the post.

If you want to rank  your post in Google that when the user queries, then your post comes first position in the first page in Google, then you have to make backlink for that.

A backlink is one way connection. On someone's website, when someone reads his article and there is your backlink, then with the help of that backlink, that person comes to your website and starts reading your article. This is called backlink.

Google gives priority to Backlink  the most. The post that would have made the most backlink, Google one by staying on the first position in the first page.

There are also two types of backlinks,

° Dofollow Backlink 

° NoFollow Backlink

If a website has given you a dofollow backlink, then visitors will come to your website, plus Google will also increase your domain authority.

And if a website has given you Nofollow backlink. Visitors will come to your website only from that website and Google will not increase the authority of your website.

What is SCO and what are the benefits of SCO in your blog ?

And S.C.O. Also plays a huge role in increasing the visitor and authority on your site.

SCO means (Search Engine Optimization) and there are many aspects to do it and if you have S.E.O. If you have done it in your website then Google makes your blog live easily.

SEO defines how the quality of your page is in your post. How is your meta description, how is your title!.

And there are lots of  pade and free tools to do SCO checks in your post.

Here are the free tools to check Seo on your site

°SEO Checker

°SEO Analyzar

If you have worked on all these aspects then you are ready to write a blog post and to run your website.
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