How to Be a Game Developer In India Full Information

How to Be a Game Developer In india Full Information
PUBG Game generates up to 70 crores revenue every 3 days. 

As the Number of people playing Games is increasing, so is the demand for game Designers.

And in the same way the game industry is also developing very fast.

Today's youth are making game development and game designing their career.

From game designing to game development you can make a lot of careers in the game industry like:-

°Game Developer

°Game Designer



°Character Animator

°Art Designer

°Script Writer

°Game Tester

°Game Mosller

°Level Designer

°Level Scripter

But you need proper training and proper knowledge to make a career in this. With which you can make your career in the game developing field.

What does one need to do to become a game developer?

In the game industry you have to use both creativity and knowledge.

Gaming has two aspects, the first is designing a game!

In which the story script of the game and its character are created by imagining it.

And the other aspect is that of the Game Developer.

The game that is created by making the entire fantasies of game designing come true is called on the game developer.

Technology is used in this.

However when game development is taught both aspects are worked on.

But you cannot become an expert in these two works simultaneously. You have to choose one for your career.

Of course you will choose the field in which you are most interested.

Game development is more difficult than playing games as easy as that.

The manufacturing process in this is quite complex.

Any games is produced by a multimedia, computer programming and software developer.

A video game takes several months to produce.So you have to get better experience to continue in this field.

And you have to master your skills only then you will be able to move forward in this field.

If you think you can make a game and your mind is full of creativity then you can think of coming into this field.

But before that you need to know how much qualification do you have to to become a professional game developer?

To become a game developer, you must first complete your studies.

You should have completed your studies till graduation, then after that you can make a career in the game field.

You have to study through science stream in plus two to become a game developer.

That you become familiar with Math and Computer Science.

Both these subjects are very important in game development.

With math, you will learn to question easily and computer science will also catch  coding  knowledge.

By the way, your graduation is not necessarily in the field.

But if your graduation comes in these fields, then you will have an easy career ahead.

After finishing plus two, you will have to study graduation, in which you will be able to know about coding in all details.

Which programming language is necessary to learn to be a game developer?

In addition, you must also create your command in these programming languages.










If you have a Good hold in these coding languages, then you can reach a good place in the game industry.

What are the Bachelor degree courses?

So this is the bachelor's degree Course To Graduate.

1) BTech in computer science and  

   game development.

2) BSc in Gaming Graphics 

    Or Animation.

3) Bachelor in Media Animation and 


4) BSc in Animation and Game  

    Designing Development

5) Bachelor of art (BA)in animation 

    and Computer Graphics.

6) Bachelor of art (BA) in digital 

    filmmaking and Animation.

And Now know about the Master level Courses.

And if you want more knowledge in game development, then you can also do a master level course.

If you have the qualification of a master's degree, then the chances of getting a job at a higher position in any company will increase.

Information about the Courses is Below.⬇️

1) Integrated M.Sc. in Multimedia and Animation with game art and Design.

2)M.Sc in Gaming.

3) Master of Science (M.S.c) in   

  Gaming design and Development.

4) Master of science (M.Sc.) in  

  Multimedia and Animation.

After doing all these Bachelor Degree and Master Degree courses, You will be able to become a game developer.

After that you will get jobs easily in big company.

If you are unable to Graduate in the computer field for any reason.

But your dream is that you want to develop a game?

But due to lack of proper qualification, you go back.

But it does not matter. If you have studied from any stream then you can become a game developer.

For that you will have to do a diploma course.

In which you are given information about Animation,Digital Art, Drawing Designing, Production Programming.

During the course, students also have to work on many project work.

After the course is over, you will also be given a certificate from which you can apply as a game developer in any company.

There are many companies which recruit graduates of any stream.

If he gets good game development and has a lot of experience.

So let's know about those Diploma Courses.

1) Certificate in Gaming, game art 

    and  Design.

2)Diploma in Game Design or

  Production Gaming or Animation or 

  game Programming. 

3)Advanced Diploma in game design

   and Development Application.

After doing these courses, you will get a job.But keep in mind that all the skills taught in it should come well.

And if you have talent in it, then you must learn it by working hard.

Create your own for a game demo and try it Run.

Likewise, keep trying. Then nothing can stop you from becoming a game developer.

Institute of India in which you can learn game development.

So now it is the turn to know which Institutes are there in India which provide the course of game development.

The Growing Demand for Games has made game development a popular Career Option among Students.

So that's why there are so many Institutes in India today that provide game development course.

 The top Universities who Provide 
  Game Development in India are:- 

1) BhartiVidyapeeth University, Pune.

2) Maya Academy of Advanced

    Cinematics (MAAC) ,Mumbai.

3) Arena Animation, New Delhi.

4) Zee Institute of creative arts 


5 ) iPoxio Animation College


6) Animaster academy college for 

   Excellence in animation Bangalore.

7) Academy of Animation and 

     Gaming, Noida.

Game in sector may be better for you at this time of employment.

Because a lot of big gaming Companies are setting up their own in India.

There is a huge demand for developers in the Indian game industry. So if you want to make a career in the field of a game developer, then this dream can turn you into a reality.


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