Competition That Google Organizes Every Year.

The competition that Google organizes   every year.

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Google Organized Coding Lot Of Competition Every Year  You Should Know Like:- Code Jam, Kick Star, GSOC, #Hash Code. 

Introduction about Competitions

Google organised a lot of coding competitions every year for Coders.


Like :- Code jam, Like star, Google summer of Code, #Hash Code etc.

And if you take part in it, then you can win the Good Amount of Money and also make an attachment with Google.

So Today we will talk deep dive about these Coding Competitions.

Like:- How can you participate in this coding competition?

And what are the benefits of participating in these Coding Competitions?

And out of all these Coding Competitions, which Coding Competition would it be right for you to Participate in?

And how can you apply to these Coding Competitions?

And what to take care of before you participate in these coding Competitions.

All about Google Coding Competitions.

Google Coding Competition is a coding competition that is Organized by Google every year.

Everyone can take part in it. From any corner of the whole world?

Google Coding Competition is held 

Because there are some mistakes in the algorithms of Google's system or there are mistakes that we call Bugs.

So Google brings bugs  in Competition and  All teams have to Correct that. This is the Google code competition, Keeping in mind the time, the bugs have to be fixed.

And in this Competition, the winner gets Different types of prizes.

Google makes its first phase of code online competition and by the second or third you have to go to its headquarters and give it to competition there.

And to give their competition, they can also call you in other headquarters.

In the very last year 2019, the competitors of Google Hash Code Competition.

Dublin was called to the head quarters of Ireland and before that Google held its competition in Ireland's headquarters.

Every code Competition of Google has a different last date.

Which you will know from Google's Code Competition website.

This is the link to the website of all Google's competition!

° Code Jam Competition.

° Kick Star Code Competition.

° Google summer of code {GSOC}                   

° Google Hash Code Competition.

All about kick star competition.

Kick Star is Google's bug finding algorithm puzzle solving competition.

You will also get a certificate after passing every step of Google's Kick Star Competition.

And after passing the Kick Star Competition, Google will also give you prize money, but it is not defined.

And Google will also give you all its new products like Google Home Google, Smartphone etc.

And if you go through this competition properly, then Google will also give you a chance to interview yourself in his Company.

And if you answered all the questions in the interview correctly,Then you can be Google.

And Google's competition is an opportunity for you to make good connections with Google.

If you need information about registration of Kick Star Competition, Click on this link.⬇️

*Kick Star Registration Information.

All about the Code Jam Competition.

Code Jam is an event all the Competition Organized by Google and they've been doing it for the last 14 years.

 So this started in 2003 and this is to 117 now and they are so they have this event from April 7th.

 So I guess it will be it will be it will be ending on 11th August so this up this a big event coming on the way so it so the restriction started on 7th 

March and the event will start from 7th April.

the code Jam Competition if you win the Competition.

 I mean there were millions of people competing with this but if you win the Competition.

 You have a big chance of working for Google, not just a Big chance of working for Google Plus.

 Also you will get a cash Prize of Fifteen thousand Dollars which if you convert in Indian Currency it will be 10 lakh rupees.

And a big amount right  so we have to have a bonus there one you can either work for Google.

 OR I mean you will you can get both so work for Google or you and you will get the cash prize as well.

 So there is one way you can get into Google by cracking the Code Jam competition again.


It's not that easy ok because there are millions of people competing for the event but it is not impossible.

 I'm not saying that you can participate in this, I mean you will participate in this year.

 And then you will win but if you can participate in this you will get the idea how this competition goes.

If you want more information about this competition, then go to the Google Code jam website link is below.⬇️

* Code Jam Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Page Link

All about Google #Hashcode competition.

#Hashcode coding competition is an open source coding competition that you can play from any corner of the world.

#Hashcode coding competition consists of 2 stages in which you play the first phase from your home and for the second phase you are called in Google's HeadQuarters.

To play the #HashCode coding competition, you must master one of the programming languages.

To play this competition, it is not necessary that you have to know a different ,different Coding language.

To play this competition you must have a good grasp of one of the coding languages.

And if you come first in Google #Hashcode Competition, then its price is $4000.

And if you convert it to Indian currency then it is up to ₹284000.

And if you come seconds to #hashcode competition.

So its price is the amount.$2000 US Dollars.

And if you talk about $2000 US dollars in Indian currency, then it is up to one and a half lakh rupees.

And if you come third in this competition, then its price amount is $1000.

And if you convert to Indian currency than this, then it  be up to

 ₹ 70000.

All about Google summer of Code Competition.

What is google Summer of Code actually Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing student developers into open source software development.

 Before we understand!

 How it works I like to mention three keywords and tell you a little bit about those in the context of Google

 Summer of Code because.

 We're gonna discuss and use those terms over and over again organizations are the open source projects that apply to be a part of the program for example refroze initiative. MediaWiki , Mozilla, itens Software,

Foundation, Apache openmrs, and many more such.

Organizations students are people who meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the program in order to apply for a project; mentors are existing contributors in the open-source projects that help the students.

 From the day one to the very end of the program.

 So how does it work exactly? Organizations applied to Google to participate in the program Google and refuse all the organizations.

 And then eventually announces a list of accepted organizations since Google also has a limited budget allocated to Google Summer of Code program not every.

And they can start talking to the mentors and other students and start proposing.

 What they would like to do with them during the summer after the student application period opens up students can start sending in their proposals to the organizations.

 That can start reviewing them, the mentors and the administrators of the organization's.

 Then review all the proposals students have submitted and then finally choose the best proposal in the best student for any given project that they would like to get a slot Google then announces a list of accepted students.

 Then comes the mentor bonding period eventually followed by the student coding period

organization gets accepted every single year plus the orgs are announced students can start going through the project ideas.

About Google Competitions Hubs.

Image About Google Competition Hubs

Just last year in 2019, Google had Organized in more than seven hundred Google Hubs in 97 Countries.

You can also do 1 or 2 steps of Google Competition from the Internet sitting at your home and to the extent that Google has made Hubs for competitors , you can go there And you can give Competition there too.

There are many Advantages to going in  Google Hubs Because there are so many coders. You can talk to them. You can share your knowledge with them and they can share with you. You get a lot of Knowledge from going to Google Hubs.

Either, whether you can give those competitions very comfortably while sitting at your home. If you have a good knowledge?

Google says that we will organize in our school, university and  office.

So all you have to see is that Google has organized its Google Hubs  in which University? 


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