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Untold History Of Billionaire In The World Jeff Bezos.

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One-and-a-half Billion Dollars a week

 How much does Jeff Bezos earn..?

 I want to see good Financial returns but also to me there's the extra Psychic return of having my Creativity and Technological vision bear fruit and change the world.

In a positive way Jeff Bezos once said while some may Question if he's made the world a Better Place.

We can certainly say he's made some good Financial Returns he is the richest man in the world.

And it's reported that he was worth 143 Billion Eight hundred ten Million Two hundred thirty one thousand four hundred fifty nine dollars and twenty three cents at 3:55 P.M. on February 26 2019.

This number will of course Fluctuate and it's said his divorce will take a Considerable chunk out of his fortune before we talk about how he made his Billions let's first try to get it.

Story Of Richest Man Jeff Bezos

Into our heads just how much cash this man has as we said his worth Changes a lot and that's due to many Factors.

But let's just say for now he has Around a hundred and Forty Billion Dollars According to the INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund in 2018.

That would give him a Nominal Gross national product GDP around the size of Kuwait which comes around fifty eighth on the list of GDP s around the world.

when that list was created as one Media outlet stated in 2018 jeff bezos is now richer than Iceland toons ania Jamaica and Estonia combined.

What does this translate to someone already did the math for us in 2018 regarding his yearly Earnings broken down into Smaller time frames we're told.

That it's estimated that he makes almost One-and-a-half Billion Dollars a week Around two hundred thirteen million dollars a day eight point nine million an hour 149 thousand plus dollars every minute.

Two point four thousand dollars per every second that goes for every minute he lies in bed watches reruns of The Apprentice.

Fix his nose or carves a pineapple he's earning as much as a very well-paid employee in the UNITED STATES earns in a year in an hour he's rich and in a day he's taken.

In more than most people in the Entire world could only wish for if you're watching this from Malawi.

Where the World Bank States the gross national Income per year is on average 320 bucks.
You might be trying to get your head around how much time it takes.

Mr. Jeff Bezos to earn your yearly wage the answer in short is not very long at all maybe about the time it takes to blink if you do it fast you get the picture this man is Mind-bogglingly rich imagining.

His wealth is like trying to fathom just how many planets and stars there are moving about in the cosmos let's just say.

He is cosmically rich astronomically wealthy and it's universally accepted that no one knows how to create a cash stack like Jeff but how did he do that well we first had to look at young Jeff the millionaire in the making the Billionaire in the beginning jeff.

How did a Boy Become the Owner Of the Amazon Company

Bezos was born on January 12/1964 that makes him a Capricorn and if you believe in that kind of thing you'll know this star sign is supposed to be ambitious proud.

And goal-oriented he took his first breaths in Albuquerque New Mexico but was raised in Houston Texas he wasn't from some rich family and when he came screaming into this world his mom was a 17 year old high school.

Student and his pop owned a bike shop these two got married and they became the Jorgenson family but that didn't last long and when Jeff was four his mother married a Cuban man named Miguel Bezos sometimes called Mike.
If you're wondering what happened to Jeff's birth father in 2013 USA.

Today said Ted Jorgensen had just found out who his son was and wanted to reconnect I didn't know where he was if he had a good job or not.

And if he were alive or dead he was quoted as saying so we have a young Jeff and his Mother and her new Husband they were still not well-off but Mike got himself a degree and ended up working as an engineer.

Who was Jeff Bezos Interested In..?

It said even at a young age curious jeff bezos was Interested in how things worked in his home.
And at times he was able to rig Contraptions of his own around the house he Graduated from messing with his family's appliances and moved on to more Scientific work in high school where he graduated as valedictorian.

Jeff Bezos Started First Summer Camp Dream Institute

It was there he started his first Enterprise an Educational summer camp Called the Dream Institute at this time he was also

Fascinated with computers in 1986. He left Princeton University with a 4.2 grade point average and he was a whiz at computer

Science as well as being a young man that was seen as Exceptional in many areas you can't go wrong after that and he soon was offered jobs at lots of big firms but he settled with a position at

FinTech soon after he worked for the Investment firm desha

Jeff Bezos Family

And that's where he met his wife to be the Novelist Mackenzie Tuttle this is not a family show.

but a Money show although we'll tell you that he had three sons with her and they also adopted a girl

from China that likely went very well for a while but after some time being Separated his wife did what she did best and Penned a letter this was a Twitter post that Announced her and Jeff bezos were splitting up we certainly aren't going to go into the Controversial things that happened after that but suffice to say they had some marital problems if she gets her 50% of his wealth she will become the Richest woman in the world okay back to the cold hard cash Question in 1993.

How did Jeff Bezos Started Amazon Comapany..?

In 1995 jeff Bezos started an online bookstore a year later he founded a company some of you might know called Amazon this wasn't his first choice of name but he settled with Amazon because the Jungle was Massive and exotic and that's what his Company would be.

Amazon jungle is packed with an Incredible array of flora and fauna and his Company would become packed with an incredible number of things he had to borrow some cash to get this started and while it only sold books in the beginning he always said later.

Amazon would branch out into many products but books were successful alone and in a month his Company was selling them to people in 45 Countries.

Bringing in $20,000 a week for the startup a few Years later and with Millions raised for his now public company he started to include music in many other consumer products at the time many other dot-com businesses were failing or sunk but not Amazon it said yearly sales in 1995.

Were around five hundred ten thousand Dollars but in 2011 a cool 17 Billion Dollars but rewinding a little we must remember that jeff Bezos started to put his long fingers and many other pies in 2002 he Launched the cloud Computing platform.

Amazon Web Services something which would end up being very useful not just for Companies or Individuals but for Governments Amazon also came out with the Amazon Kindle in 2007.

Another area he went into was publishing and in 2013 he bought the Washington Post Company what else did he do well a lot really Amazon has an AI arm which if you follow tech news head done things like Developed facial recognition.

Technology the company that became the world's Biggest Shipping firm has come up with novel Ways to deliver packages such as by drone and has Implemented new Technologies into its Warehouses then there's the video on-demand service Amazon Prime and original content producer Amazon Studios and also Amazon publishing you also have cashless Amazon go stores and the Thirteen point four billion dollar.

Acquisition of the Whole Foods Market a Specialist supermarket in terms of revenue Amazon was said to be the biggest tech company in the world in 2018.

With the revenue of 232 billion it's also said to be worth in the region of 800 Billion but Apple beats Amazon for first place in that category at a value of around nine hundred thirty billion Amazon also Employs quite a few people With six hundred thirteen thousand three hundred folks working for the company around the world.

The question now is how does all this Success relate to cash going into mister bezos's rather large pockets well as you can guess the main part of the business is the website amazon.com.

you know that because you've likely bought Something there we mean who hasn't over the age of Eighteen the fact is most people are using the site means Jeff Bezos is a very rich man Bloomberg that reports jeff Bezos as wealth to have risen as high as 161 billion in 2018 tells us that he owned 16% of the company Amazon you already know how much the Company is worth.

And how much that company pulls in so that 16% he owns is where the lion's share of this money comes from Bloomberg also says he has sold some of his shares in Amazon to fund his space exploration company Blue Origin but basically when you consider that jeff Bezos.

Owned seventy eight point eight million shares of Amazon and each Amazon share is worth one thousand six hundred thirty six dollars and forty six cents at the time of writing well you can see why he's so rich if you're wondering.

How Amazon.com makes Money well it's mainly from general retail and the Money people pay to sell stuff there either as Individuals or professional retail third-party sellers but also from shipping fees warehouse fees deals and more the chunk of cash comes from retail and a bit more from third-party.

Sellers on Amazon.com but as we said Amazon Web Services has also done well and According to Forbes it's are Rev of around 25 Billion for 2018 Amazon Prime brings in around another six billion and a few more Billions are made from ads and things such as co-branded credit card agreements if.

You're Wondering what sells best on Amazon books are only in third place now with household items coming in first place and toys and games in second place finally we might also look at this opening paragraph from a fortune article written in2019.

Those wondering how many zeros Amazon which is valued at nearly 800 billion dollars has to pay in federal taxes might be surprised to learn that it's check to the IRS will read exactly zero dollars we are told this is perfectly legal we let one expert explain it albeit vaguely he said Amazon avoids paying federal taxes using.

A variety of tax credits and tax exemptions that are legal and built-in to the US federal tax code what he meant by these exemptions was mostly centered around a research and development tax credit recent tax deductions for investments in Equipment and also something called stock based compensation so there you go that's how Jeff Bezos Became the Richest Man In The World.


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