Best 10 Tips for How to Make Money on Fiverr for Beginners

How to Make Money Online on Fiverr for Beginners.

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Fiverr`s Mission is to Change How the world works Together

Hello guys, are you INTERESTED to make money online?  So fiver is also a good platform to make money. Because a lot of people are making a good Amount of money from it. 

And it's a free platform you just have to sign,I would not say that you will Start earning money immediately.

But within a year you will become a trusted person for Fiver and Companies will also start trusting you.and it's a free platform So you  don't have to lose anything 😉.

 Because I seemed to have a lot of people Engaged in making YouTube videos and Websites. And there Competition is a lot .So if you want to earn money online then Fiver can also be a good option.

Where you can earn a lot of money by Providing Services to people and it's also called freelancing.
Whatever you are Interested in
Like :- making logo, typing, drawings and coding.

Because a lot of Companies want fast typer and logos are made.So you can help them and earn money in return.

If I first tell you how you can make money from Fiber? Before we learn about Fiberr?

What is Fiverr and how can we earn it?

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A Pro Freelancer Can Earn $ 100,000 Monthly 

Fiverr is a huge place of freelancing Marketplace. It's Services started at $5. You can buy our sell services on it.

And it's gives a growth of Entrepreneurs like me and you and it's supported VIP based Costumers like abroad countries Customers.

The offered services are called “GIGS” on Fiverr. You can find almost anything you need.

Fiverr Company was formed by 2010 and  founder of his Company is  Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger,

1) Logo Making

If you have on Intermediate level And you have some knowledge of designing.

So this is a good Nish you can work on.
You simply go on Fiverr and click on join you can sign up there and When you are all done. The Fiber will send a mail to your email ID. And you will get him verified.

There are many apps from Google Play Store and app store which you can design very cool logos.

Like :- PicsArt, Canva, Pics lab
I use all this app for making my Thumbnails  logos and images also.

Let me tell you a little about all these Apps.

Pics Art:- It is free to edit pictures stickers and cool meems.
The size of this App is 39.85MB and the rating of this app is 4.3 
If you want to know more about it then on  go to its Feedback Page.
Canva:- Canva is used for Animated design add video effects to GI story and you can also edit your image. 

Cannva makes the design surprisingly simple (and fun)! Create stunning designs with your photos and videos - even if you are not a design expert!
What do people say about canva

“It was a great time to design logos just for my business. It was really easy! Good work!"

"Great app! A lot of graphic design work is required and this saves a lot of time and money. "
And the Rating of this app is 4.7⭐
And the size of this app is 26.45MB.

2) Video editing

If you know how to edit any video well then you can do video editing.

You can also earn good amount of money from fiverr by editing videos.
If you want to do video editing, then you can choose the Filmoda app.Because lot of video editors prefer the Filmoda app.And youtuber edit their videos on filmora itself.

If you take a premium version of it, then you can do a lot of things in it. And If you want, you can also work on its free version. This is also a good suggestion.

If you want to download the Filmora app in PC then click on this link.⬇️

3) Coding

If you do the  coding and you have a lot of knowledge in coding.

By creating a tool or website, you can earn from
₹ 25000 to ₹ 30000 from fiber.
Or even if you write short code, you can still earn  a good amount of money from fiber.

4) Social media marketing

If you have a Good grip on social media marketing and  you can Increase traffic to anyone's website.

Then This is the best way to Earn Money on Fiverr because You can earn on five such social media marketing from about 10$ to $ 15 per day.

5) Audio Tuning

If you are Interested in Music and you have worked in FL Studio before.

Then you can easily earn Money by creating slogans for other Companies and editing on YouTube videos.
Click on this link if you want to download FL Studio.⬇️
#Download Free FL Studio for PC and Laptop

6) Online Teaching

If you Specialize in a skill you do not have to teach in person, you can Monetize your Experience by providing Lessons to Students online.

You can write Courses and quizzes, you can tutor someone directly through voice or video Chat, or you can create videos that Demonstrate how you cook or cook something in your home Workshop Huh.

Depending on how you are teaching your skills, you can earn Money by becoming an affiliate, running an Advertisement or charging Money for each Lesson.

7) Delivering gigs on fiver

You can earn $ 4 per dollar on Fiverr. Originally, a gig costs $ 5 but is charged $ 1 by Fiverr to provide a Platform to make Money.

Now, the most Important thing that most people fail to ignore when Delivering a gig is Spending on a Particular gig. You should be able to give a gig without wasting your time or Spending too much on a gig.

For example, if you take an Article of 1000 words, then it is clear that you have to give enough time on this Article and in the end, you will get all 4 Dollars.

So, you should keep in mind the time Spent on a task when you are taking a Fiverr gig. To keep it Simple, you should only take pigs that you are Comfortable with and which you can perform repeatedly.

In addition, some people also sell EBooks on Fiverr. This is a Very Good way to earn Money with Fiverr because once you Complete the book all you have to do is email the file to the person who is buying the EBook.

But the Problem with Ebooks is that you have to sell Multiple copies of the book to make a Good income with Fiverr

8) Video testimonial

Friends first I'll tell you what a video Testimonial video Testimonial is like :- YouTube video Where you will not say anything to yourself, the Customer will say what you will say.
Means The Customer will tell you that you will speak in the video and you will Deliver the video to him and you will be Earning in return.

But if you make a video in English, then it will run more than Hindi. Whichever Service you have to start your Service, then start by just taking care that the giges will make it right.

If you want Complete Information about the gagies , click on this link.⬇️
#What is gig and how it make?

9) Voice over
In this, you have to Record and send the voice as the user says.
Your recording can be in anything.

Such as Cartoon Characters, Sound Recording if you have a Good voice.

You will not need a Camera in this, you just have to set up the Audio. You must buy a Good quality mic.
MX Dynamic Mic Cardioid Vocal Multi-Purpose Plastic Microphone XLR is  “Most and the Rate of this mic is₹349.

Popular Vocal Mic in the india“.
If you want to buy it, click on the link given.⬇️

10) Excel 
If you have Good knowledge of Excel and you can do good work on Excel, then you can easily earn ₹5000 to₹ 10000 on Fiverr

By employing a company.


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