WhatsApp Web QR Code Scan Process & Problems

WhatsApp web QR code scan Process and problems:-

WhatsApp Web QR Code Scan Process & Problems

                                 Hello  Guys today in this article I am going to tell you about all the problem that you can face with WhatsApp web QR code.Because I saw that I was facing some people concern where they were facing issue to connect their WhatsApp with their laptop and their PCs.

What is WhatsApp web  QR Code

WhatsApp web QR code is use to scan the QR code on the desktop and you can scan through your phone. WhatsApp QR code is also called QR code in ( 2 two dimension in 2D) that store information only like barcode you do not need a handheld scanner to scan the barcode or QR code.

WhatsApp web QR code not scanning

So the very first step that you need to follow is to update your whatsapp messenger to the latest version.

Update Your Whatsapp

So let me show you if you click on your option menu inside the whatsapp you should click on settings and you will see something help click on help and about.
WhatsApp Problem solve Process

And you will see what it you would say something as whatsapp messenger and I would recommend that it should be the version 2.1 1.49 as this is the latest version.
Update your Whatsapp To this version

If you have to download Whatsapp version (2.11.49)

That provides us with the whatsapp web facility so please make sure that your whatsapp should be of this version.

Then only you will be able to see what's up there on your Chuck so right now let's get back to the browser please make sure that you have you are using we'll  whatsapp web application only supports the Google Chrome al it's a chrome client.

WhatsApp web site link

So please make sure that you are using Google Chrome while opening this link so as I have opened this link it says click to reload the code QR code am let's click on this now
Whatsapp Can not Reload Problem

In the next few step you would see the procedure how we can reach to whatsapp web action is within the word.
shop so I'm going to show this procedure using the images so please watch these images as you

WhatsApp Web QR Code Scan Process & Problems

As you will know where you need to click on within the whatsapp application you and once you will be ready with your scanner scanning procedure you need to scan the QR code that whatsapp rep is showing you showing to you so.
let's scan this image it might take some time to scan it depends on the system or your might be depend on your internet connection as well so if doesn't work on the very first go keep on scanning the picture as you can see the picture it has been scanned on my cell phone.

So It's automatically navigating to a new as you can see that everything worked fine and I was successfully able to see my whatsapp messages on my Google Chrome as well so as.
My message Show on Whatsapp web
I have the system actually synced my whatsapp messages with my whatsapp messages on my Google Chrome. So please keep on thing in mind that the messages yet you will be transferring or you will be sending using your Google Chrome that would use your internet connection on your cell phone.

Don't switch off your phone internet.

please don't switch off your internet connection on your cell phone else the messages would won't be won't said so yeah that was all about this video and I hope this would make clear how to scan.

WhatsApp web QR code not loading

WhatsApp Web QR Code not loading Solution

Second problem is the most common problem that people can face is their WhatsApp OR code does not load.
If you are suffering with this problem then this trick is 100% work.
If your QR scanner does not connect or not load.
So first you can check your internet connection because if your internet connection is fast then you can't face this problem even if your connection is correct.
Then you go on your Chrome setting and click over three dots or go to the settings.

you will scroll sound and go to the advanced setting and you have to find (clear browsing data and delete all the cache memory.
Steps that you can solve whatsapp web loading Problem
This will make it happen you all the cache data will delete whatever was full of affection and your phone becomes  completely free and you will be able to connect on web WhatsApp.

WhatsApp web QR code scanner app

Whatsapp Web QR scanner app

If you have to Download WhatsApp web QR code scanner. So let I suggest you can download WhatsApp web scan and it's also available on Google Play. Because the rating of this app is 4.4🌟 and total downloaded  of this app, across the world  is 10,00,000+ people because this app consume 10.06 MB on your phone. And I have also tried it.

This app also gives a 100 + category latest WhatsApp status.
Like:- - Motivational Status🥇
- Attitude status😎
- Friendship Status👩‍❤️‍👩
- Girl's Attitude Status👯‍♀️
- Life Status👨‍🚒
- Breakup Status🤪
- Festival Status🎄🎃
- Sad Status😟😞
- Emotional Status😭😢
- Exam Status🧐🤯
- Romantic Status😍
- Emotional Status😌
- Father’s Day Status👨‍👧
- Mother Day Status👩‍👧‍👧
- Birthday Status🎂🎁
- Valentines Status
- New Year Status📅🆕
- Diwali Status🕯️🎇
- Eid Status✳️
- Anniversary Status🍰
- Christmas Status🎅🌲


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