(50) Common Useful Phrases 2020

(50) Useful conversational phrases 2020

(50) Common Useful Pherasa 2020

If you speak like a pro
Hello friends If you speak like a native speaker then you should learn 800 to 1000 Pherasal verbs, Because a Average native speaker use lots of Pherasal verbs to enhance her speed.

(50) Useful Common Pherasal verbs:-

1) Done and Dusted:- Successful completion.
Ex:- • The Australian cricket team was  done and dusted by the 35th over.
• I want this  presentation to be done and dusted by 5PM.

2) All in All :- If we look at it all together.
Ex:-  •All in all our Europe trip was great fun.
•All in all the presentation was great success.

3) Wear and Tear :- Deteriorate from normal use.
Ex:- • Most Mobile phones last for 5years with normal wear and Tear.
• Even after 5 years your bike looks new there are no sign of wear and Tear.

4) Black and white :- without any confusion.
Ex :-• A Relationship is never Black and white there are many gray areas.
• Don't argue me the rules are Black and white and you have brocken them.

5) High and dry :- to be stuck in a bad situation.
Ex :-  • I was left High and dry in the middle of the night on the highway after my car Brock down.
• Sudden Shut down of jet Airways has  left many employees High and dry.

6) Live and learn :- To learn from yours mistakes.
Ex:- • I will never ride a bike again in rain. I have Lived and kerned.
• You need to Live and lern to succeed in life.

7)Make and break :- When critical condition.
Ex:- • This match is make and break situation for India. If it has to enter finals.
• The public has the power to make and break a government in electron.

8) Ups and bown :- good and bad experience.
Ex:- • Every relationship has a lots of ups and downs.
•Sudden Ups and downs in stock market has left many investors confused.

9) Dos and Don't s :- General Rules/ Instructions/ Advices.
Ex :- • Before you start the printer,read though the Do's and Don't s.
•  Ruchi doesn't understand the Do and Don't of Social etiquate.

10) Safe and Sound :- out of danger/ Reach without any problem.
Ex:- • The fire Department inspector have checked and the building is now safe and sound to enter.
• Hey mom! I have arrived safe and sound in New York. I will call you later.

11) On the verge of :- Closer/ on a verge.
Ex :- • I was on the verge of buying it, when he stopped me.
• Tiger specie was on the verge of extinction.

12) Ins and outs :- To know the smallest thing.
Ex :- • I know the Ins and outs of this game.
• When you work in a  company for many years . You get to know the Ins and outs of it.

13) At a glance :- say anything at a glance.
Ex :- • I can tell you At a glance . what's wrong with your car.
• I recognised him At a glance.

14) In a while :- just a moment.
Ex :- • I'm coming In a while don't go anywhere.
• The train is about to arrive in a while.

15) In a meantime :- In middle.
Ex :- • In the meantime, your can read newspaper.
•In the meantime, I used to go to my brother office.

 16) for the time being :- For some time.
Ex :- • Leave it for time being; we'll do it later.
• I'm living here just for the time being.

17) At time :- sometime/many times.
Ex :- • At time , I realised that I am so lucky.
• We try not fight ,but at Times, we have disputes.

18) Child's Play :- like a game.
Ex :- • learn a language need hard work; It not child's play.
• Becomeing billionaire is not child's play.

19) Come to light :- Come to front.
Ex :- • I will come to light for sure.
• if you haven't told me about It wouldn't have come to light.

20) Break the ice :- break the silence.
Ex :- • If you must know the tricks to break the ice when you meet some stranger.
• I didn't know how to break the ice and start conversation.

21) Ups and downs :- Probability.
Ex :- it's common to have ups and down in one's life.
• you must learn to face the house and downs of life.

22) High time :- Right time to do anything.
Ex :- it's high time to take action against the culprits.

23) Out of questions. :- Impossible.
Ex :- scoring 99 is out of  question for me.
• A new car is out of the question; we have no money at all.

24) As easy as ABC :- Very easy.
Ex:- Learn blogging is as easy as ABC.
• Reaching there is as easy as ABC because you need to simply take left turn thoughts the the journey.

25) On and on :- Continuously.
Ex :- He spoke about his pain on and on for complete 30 minut but nobody seemed interested.
• They talked on and on until evening.

26) Poke once noise into :- poke noising.
Ex :- don't poke your nose into my work.
• poke noise into others personal life is his old habit.

27) Slipe my mind :- Forget anything.
Ex :- sorry it slipped my mind to call you in after an hour that's why I call you now.

28) On the tip of my tongue :- What you remember but don't remember.
Ex :- Oh! him name is tip of my tongue.

29) Mind went blank :- Remember nothing.
Ex :- The moment I went for interview they started to ask question so my mind went blank.

30) I can't recall :- Could not remember.
Ex :- I seem you but I can't recall your name.

31) Plump Down :- Tossing.
Ex :- After coming for school he plumps his bag and get into the phone.

32) Pay of :- Produce benefit.
Ex :- I am sure my hard work will definitely pay off someday.

33) Pile up :- Accumulate.
Ex :- I was on leave last week the whole work was piled up.

34) Pop off :- speak aur right angle Li or emotions way.
Ex :- pop off off  all his pain in the press conference.

35) Pass away :- To pass.
Ex :- His uncle passed away last week.

36) Pass by :- Pass through.
Ex :- I was passing by his house in morning today. But I saw someone standing at the gate.

37) Mess up :- Make a mistake.
Ex :- Don't mess up the files.

38) Hold out :- Survive.
Ex :- how long can you hold out without oxygen?

39) Look around :- Search anything.
Ex :- I looked around everywhere? Where my watch I can't find it.

40) Go on :- Proceed.
Ex:- I am sorry ,I had got a call you can  go on now.

41) Fell down :-  Fell bad.
Ex :- I got a bad news last night I really feel down.

42)  Let down :- Disappoint.
Ex :- Please give me a chance. I promise I will not let you down.

43) Hang on :- wait .
Ex :- Hang on let me transfer your call  to the technical team.

44) Stand by :- Support.
Ex :- I'll stand by you in odds to

45) Come after :- Follow.
Ex :- Don't come after him everyone has different way to do something.

46) Figure out :- Understand.
Ex :- We will have to figure out the difference between two deals.

47) Back away :- Go backward.
Ex :- He backed away seeing a stranger shadow coming.

48) Blow away :- Impress someone.
Ex :- This idea can blow away anyone.

49) Knock off :- finish the work for the day.
Ex :- We will knock off early on Saturday and go for the party.

50) Let up :- stop.
Ex :- The train doesn't seem to let up.

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